View Full Version : Skin Problems Darwynn has a fungus

01-09-15, 06:28 pm
After returning home from Asia, I found Darwynn has a little fungus under his chin. What should I do to try to treat it? I'll try to get some pictures.

01-09-15, 06:48 pm
Monistat or Nystatin, a dab applied with a q_tip and rubbed in well.

02-26-15, 01:56 pm
Darwynn's left eye is all cloudy and a bit bulgy today......Here's a picture of it....Any advice would we much appreciated. He was holding it closed last night a little bit but I put some cream on it the vet had given me last time we were in for his eye. Now it is all yucky.....Maybe going to the vet tomorrow.

02-27-15, 01:28 pm
He needs to see a vet right away. Hopefully you went today.

05-11-15, 12:06 pm
I just Darwynn is all puffy, you know when their fur sticks up. He is sitting in one corner of the cage, and I've had to stick pellets in his mouth to get him to eat. He ate some lettuce and I called the vet, we are going in tomorrow. But does anyone know what this could be?

06-14-15, 05:45 pm
Darwynn once again has a fungus, but this time it is much worse. I made a vet appt for tomorrow. He has little scabs all over and is losing his hair in areas. You can feel little bumps on his stomach and his chest.

06-14-15, 08:00 pm
Poor boy. Let us know what the vet says.

06-15-15, 12:14 pm
Vet gave him a skin scraping to look for mites, didn't see any but put him on invermectin for four weeks. I have to inject him every week. If that doesn't work we are going to look into other solutions.