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01-09-15, 11:20 am
Hello Everyone!

My name is Chris also know as piggiepigss. I have three sow piggies; Nova, Bella, & Penelope. They actually all went to the vet not that long ago & are in perfect health. They currently reside in a Midwest Guinea Habitat. I just ordered another one to attach to it, so they have a bit more room. They get unlimited Timothy hay, a very high quality pellet I purchase off Dr.foster&smith with all organic ingredients, as well as regular fresh veg. I love fleece bedding, but lately have been using softwood bedding due to it being easier to upkeep.

Right now it's below freezing winter here in newengland, Massachusetts & the piggies are all busy in there piggie pouches. I can't wait till spring I'm going to build a rather massive outdoor run, so they can get fresh grass and fresh air as well.

I look forward to learning more to help my piggie ladies as well as encountering some piggie people as crazed as myself. LOL

01-09-15, 11:35 am
Yay! Another Mass. member! I live in Western Mass and man has it been cold! My 2 girls stay in their fleece forest or bunk beds most of the time to stay warm. I recently switched from fleece over Uhaul to fleece over wood pellets and am loving it. Great to meet you.

01-09-15, 11:45 am
Yes it's been snowing all morning. :( & I'm going to sew up a couple fleece liners soon & buy a little hand held vacuum. That'll make life easier.

01-09-15, 02:04 pm
Welcome! Glad you decided to join us. :) If you can, pictures would be great!

01-09-15, 03:29 pm
Welcome to the dark side. Pictures would be great! I have three sows as well : Bailey Emmy and Mocha

01-11-15, 10:56 pm
Thankyou for the nice welcomes! ! :) & once i figure out how to do it on my phone ill post tons of photos.

01-11-15, 10:57 pm
Just hit the plus button on quick reply and hit the paper clip! It's as simple as 1.2.3!

01-11-15, 11:14 pm
Hi Chris! Welcome to the forum. I love your piggies' names!
I have four sows by the names of Twilla, Bluebell, Miss Rhino, and Lilly. Twilla is seven weeks old, Miss Rhino is thirteen weeks old, Bluebell is a year old, and Lilly is two.
Can't wait to see pigtures of Nova, Bella, and Penelope!

02-03-15, 12:54 pm
Piggies cage

02-03-15, 02:14 pm
oh another MA person. :) I am in South eastern MA. :) Welcome and love your piggies names! My girls have 2 boys. they are named Tucker and Buttons. we just got them this weekend after they their last boy passed away on Christmas morning. We are so in love! Ours our loving their hidey hut that I made for them and they are small enough so they snuggle in there together.