View Full Version : Hello everyone! Long haired piggy question?

01-07-15, 10:43 pm
Hello everyone! I am new to this group. I have two male guinea pigs that are about a year old. I have had them both since they were very young. Vibe is a white crested, and I think that Matrix is a Abyssinian and Peruvian mix. I have a 2by3 C&C cage and I use fleece bedding by PiggyBedspreads. I have been noticing that my long haired guinea pig, Matrix often is moist on his belly. He also keeps getting little dreadlocks in his armpits. Does anyone have any advise of how to avoid this? I change their fleece bedding every three days, I also brush him weekly, and bathe him monthly. I am at a loss of what to do. Any advise is much appreciated! Thanks!!

01-07-15, 11:18 pm
Instead of brushing him, I'd just keep his hair trimmed shorter, especially where it's getting matted.

Does he hang out in one particular place? Underneath a favorite hidey? If so, move it around daily, so he doesn't sit in one wet spot for long. You can also use pads underneath his hideys and change them out daily.

Being perpetually wet can also be a sign of a urinary tract infection.