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10-11-05, 10:07 am
I have written this in the accommodation part of my book as a really simple guide to building a simple, single level cage. If you don't understand it please let me know with suggestions so that I can alter it to make it easy for people to understand.

"C&C cages are very easy to create. The basic routine for building a single level C&C cage is:

· Make up the cube walls, tying them together using connectors or cable ties., Leave one corner unattached for easier fitting of the coroplast.

· Score and fold the coroplast to the size of the cube walls, taking off just a few millimetres from your measurements. Tape all around the outer edges to hold the coroplast base together

· Fit the coroplast base inside the cubes and attach the disconnected corner to the rest of the cubes.

Upper levels require a little more thought but are worth it, particularly if you have lazy guineas!"

10-11-05, 10:25 am
I understand the instructions and I think it's good!

10-11-05, 10:36 am
I think you...........

You should start out by telling people what they will need and how many. (How many grids, size of coroplast, tape, knife, etc.)

Also any additional materials they will also need.

Then you should step by step proceed in making a cage.

You don't mention the dimensions or how to score the coroplast.

10-11-05, 10:41 am
Ok, thanks for the ideas! I included information on cubes and coroplast and where to get them, but I didnt include exact sizes because it will vary so much. Although now I think about it I do need to mention that the minimum size for 2 pigs is a 2x4. I have added in the minimum sizes in inches but not in cubes, so I'll make up a little table/graph thing to show that.

I don't want to go into too much detail on building it as I want to direct people to this site for more information on how to build the cages and for more general info. on C&Cs. I was just hoping that that would be just enough information to get build a basic cage, and if they wanted more information then they could come onto Cavy Cages.

10-11-05, 10:44 am
Okay, I thought you were going to be very explicit in the details. Since you will direct them to this site, then good luck on your guide.

10-14-05, 11:20 am
Okay, I thought you were going to be very explicit in the details. Since you will direct them to this site, then good luck on your guide.

I write for a women's mag (online) and a couple dog magazines. Supposedly a few of my works were added into a book - I am waiting to see if the book actually comes in! The author just sent a request for my mailing addres.

Looks good. But I would add a materials and estimated costs.

My husband does a lot of procedure manuals and his rule of thumb is when explaining procedures is: can a six year old follow it?

I am not happy as due to glitches with systems, a few punctuation marks got omitted and the sr editor tried to add a caption on the graphics and it did not take fully - the mag had a crash as the Oct issue was getting set so this one was hastily put together.


I wrote as I was making the cage (you should have seen the first drafts! OUCH!!!) so the style is a bit different from my standard instuction style which is more formal.

My hardest thing is editing. I am mildly learning disabled (dyslexia family). Even my eds sometimes miss things! nothing worse than seeing something in print and then going "How could I miss that????"
When we are writing about things we know, it is easy to fall into a trap and not write for the average human.

A good test is give someone who has never done this and who is not a piggie person and see if they can follow it. I often send articles to friends to help edit and see if they make sense whenever I can...

But it does look good!