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Jenna Netz
01-06-15, 12:43 pm
Hi....I wanted to introduce myself. We became first-time guinea pig owners a couple of days before the new year when we adopted "Pudge" and "Olive" from a woman a couple hours away from us. She'd had an "oops" with 2 opposite gender pigs in the same cage. She was happy that her piggies were all able to find good homes as she'd had many inquiries from people wanting to purchase live food for snakes :( We felt even happier about rescuing them after hearing that! Pudge and Olive (both girls) are really sweet and came from a loving home. They are currently in a Midwest cage and we started out using fleece - I made liners using waterproof absorbent bed pads as my bottom layer and then the fleece on top. So far so good! And then we also have a kitchen area with the carefresh in the litter box, which has been awesome as they mostly do their business there or in their cuddle sacks/pigloo. Right now they are eating Kaytee Timothy Complete (as it was the best thing available locally at the time) but have a bag of Oxbow on hand for them when this one runs out. I read A LOT on this site when we were trying to decide whether GP's would be the right fit for us and our family (my dh and I have one daughter who is almost 7 - she is great with the piggies and assists with their care but I am the primary caretaker.) Many thanks for the wonderful advice found here!


Cuddling together...


Pudge (we have since transitioned to solely water bottles)...




Right now they are OK sharing both food bowl and a water bottle (no fighting, everyone is eating equally well, etc.) I do have an additional bottle and bowls but is this OK for now since they are getting along?

01-06-15, 01:44 pm
Good for you, and congratulations on your new furry friends. They are adorable! So little and cute...makes me want to snuggle them. Welcome to the forum!

01-06-15, 01:53 pm
Welcome! They look adorable. :) it will probably be fine with the water bottle and bowl they have now, but of course if you see fit you can add in extra.

01-06-15, 02:13 pm
Welcome! So glad you rescued those piggies from being snake food... that is horrible! I second the above statement, they will probably be fine.

Also, I would like to say thank you SO much for doing your research, getting a proper sized cage, food and hay, that was very smart of you. Your piggies are adorable, love the pictures!

01-06-15, 04:47 pm
Hi, and welcome to the forum! Pudge and Olive are gorgeous!

01-06-15, 05:16 pm
Welcome to the forum! You have very beautiful piggies!

01-06-15, 05:26 pm
Hello and welcome! Your pigs are just so precious! <3 Thank you for adopting, and getting them an adequate cage (which is so cute, love the liners!), right from the start!