View Full Version : Sick Intermittent Head Tilt and Nodding- Is It Something?

01-04-15, 03:17 pm
Hello! I could be completely overthinking this, as I am a nervous new cavy owner. I have had my two skinny pigs for a week and a half now. The littler one, Dermis, is now about five and a half weeks old. Over the last two days, I've started noticing that he occasionally tilts his head and nods. It almost looks like what you do when you have water in your ear. He's eating and pooping normally (AKA a lot!), and runs around just fine, no coordination issues while running, while making happy little noises. I've looked into his ears, and see no discharge or redness. I've also gently pressed on the ear, and he doesn't seem to react in any way. What do you think?

01-04-15, 05:27 pm
Any weight loss?

01-04-15, 05:56 pm
A head tilt is the first sign of an ear infection, so I'd take him to a cavy savvy vet and see. Ear infections are definitely easier to treat the earlier that they are treated.

01-04-15, 06:24 pm
It could be a form of popcorning, because he seems to do it when he's running around only, not when he's cuddled up. No weight loss- weight gain actually! I read that it could be a sign of an ear infection, but everything I read seemed to indicate that it would be tilted all the time in that case, not just every once in a while. I've got them in my bedroom with me, and I'm watching him carefully. If I see it happen more frequently or longer, I'll definitely take him.