View Full Version : Sick My Lucy and a Lump

01-04-15, 08:55 am
My Lucy who is one year old has had a lump under her neck for a few weeks, vet tried to drain it but it's but nothing came out. She has been on antibiotics for a couple of week but it's still there and growing. She has lost weight and doesn't eat much. Tomorrow she will be put under shaved In the neck area where the lump is and the vet is going to try to lance it and see what it is, could be an abscess or a tumour I am so very sad about this, the vet said that it may be in an area connected to arteries and delicate veins so it may not be a good idea to remove it completely if it is a tumour. Has anyone had an experience with this? I don't want to loose her but I don\t want to see her suffer either. Please keep Lucy in your prayers, thank you

01-04-15, 09:03 am
Fingers crossed for her! Keep us posted.

01-04-15, 10:46 am
Good luck, Lucy!