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01-04-15, 01:30 am
Mostly introducing my baby. I just got her today as a surprise. My fiancee adopted her for us. She didn't tell me exactly from where she adopted her since it was a gift. But she did tell me that the people told her she was about 2 months or so. They weren't really sure.

Anyways, her name is Coffee Bean. She is white with dark brown spots and a patch over her right eye and a glove over her left hand. She's super sweet and very brave. She's so spazzy and happy. She started to popcorn as after about an hour of being in her new home. She even seems to not mind the dog so much. (No, they're not together. She's in her cage and the pup is just snoozing by the cage. She kind of just ignores him...)

Right now she's in an basic store bought cage but I just ordered a bigger, 2x5 grid cage so that she will be more comfortable. I'm hoping it'll be here soon. Since I wasn't expecting her, and my fiancee didn't know they had to be in pairs, we only have her until I can find her a suitable sister. I'm getting right on that so that she won't be lonely.

I used to own a few guinea pigs before. But I went through an awful tragedy before I moved in with my fiancee, and I took the loss very badly. I swore I'd never adopt anymore piggies, but my fiancee thinks that Coffee Bean might be just what the doctor ordered. I love her to pieces already and I want to do everything possible to make her happy.:love:

01-04-15, 02:07 am
Hi, welcome to the forum! Coffee Bean sounds like a very adorable pig. :) Props to you ordering a larger cage & looking to get a friend for her.

01-04-15, 02:45 am
Thank you. :) I used to have three before, and I used to have a huge cage that I had built myself but I got rid of it and I remember that my piggies were so happy with the extra space. And with the company. She seems happy now but I told my fiancee that a bigger cage and a new sister is a must. So cage has been ordered and the search for a sister is on. Lol.

01-04-15, 06:07 pm
Hi! Welcome to the forum! Coffee Bean sounds adorable!