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Celine Chorney
01-03-15, 01:30 pm
Hey everyone. I'm new to the amazing world of GP and i'm absolutely fascinated. I recently adopted a lone 1yr boar, Carlos Phillipe JR, and am looking to expand with a new piggy next week, Juan Pablo. I look forward to sharing my journey and hearing all about you and yours.

01-03-15, 04:48 pm
Hello! Welcome to the forum!

01-03-15, 05:16 pm
Hi and welcome! :)
I'm so happy to hear you're going to get your lone piggy a friend. Just make sure that you have a big enough cage before doing so, because a cramped space can make introductions harder. A pair of males should be in 2x5 C&C or it's equivalent (28x70 inches) or larger.

I'd love to see photos of Carlos if you get the chance!

01-03-15, 06:46 pm
Welcome fellow Canadian :).

01-03-15, 07:40 pm
Welcome. I'm new to this world as well but it's been so rewarding. I also adopted a lone male piggies and just today introduced a new friend. They are having a really good time together . Best of luck and welcome!!!

Celine Chorney
01-04-15, 05:14 am
Thanks so much guys. Love the forum so far. Lookin forward to learning more about my piggs

Celine Chorney
01-04-15, 05:16 am
My boy Carlos snuggling during movie time

01-04-15, 09:09 am
Hi, and welcome from another Canadian! Carlos is a sweetie!

01-04-15, 10:23 am
Oh, the cuteness! He is an absolute sweetie.

01-04-15, 11:18 am
Welcome! Please tell me Juan Pablo is named after The Bachelor! :)

01-04-15, 12:09 pm
Welcome to the forum

01-04-15, 01:23 pm
Oh my goodness, he's just the sweetest thing!