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01-03-15, 08:39 am
Hi! So my boyfriend kindly adopted two piggles for me for christmas, they were originally "Elsa & Anna" and apparently 5 months.. however they're both boys so i thought a name change would be appropriate ! They're now Snowball & Pants :)

He managed to hide them from me for a week before christmas and they were kept in a small pet shop cage, since I've had them now for about a week I've been keeping them in a small playpen thats about 93x93cm. From what I've read I understand this is probably still too small but unfortunatly they have to be kept in my room and i really don't have anymore space. They take up most of it already! I will be moving in about 5/6 months when I graduate Uni so I can make sure my new home has plenty of room for them then.

I would like some help in understanding what's normal behaviour for two boys. They seem to be teeth chattering more in the last 2/3 days, I know they usually sound worse than it is but they also did it to me for the first time this morning. I don't understand if they're still sorting out "who's boss" but according to the pet store they're friendly males that get along fine.. Pants is a bit more curious and will let me smooth him (sometimes) in his cage but snowball will occasionally let me smooth his head.. anywhere else and he jumps a mile. I think they're more timid than regular piggies but I don't really know. Will it just take them longer to get used to me ? I have no info on the previous owners, I'm guessing they were young girls judging by the "Anna & Else" names. My boyfriend thinks they hate each other and has mentioned finding a new home for them but I'd feel too guilty for causing more stress for them.

Please help me !

Heres my piggys!




01-03-15, 08:59 am
Pants! lol what a silly name, but so appropriate. I love it. You boys are cute!! I don't have boys, but have read a lot of posts with boys as the subject. I don't think they hate each other, but are establishing dominance in a new environment. That's all I want to say on boys since others here have more advice.

01-03-15, 10:26 am
I can't remember if I mentioned it's because he looks like hes wearing pants ! haha. I hope so, just don't understand why they're still doing it when they've apparently been fine previous :(

01-03-15, 10:40 am
Cute piggies! But you have two boys approaching puberty in a cage that's WAY too small, and the squabbling and aggression is only going to increase. If I were you, I'd make some arrangements for a bigger cage ASAP. If you've only 5-6 more months where you're living, maybe you can put some stuff in storage and create some more room for the pigs.

01-03-15, 11:00 am
Hey congrats on your new piggies! They are both adorable! I have two males! And dang they are bundles of work! lol When I first brought Garth home, he was very scared and timid, but he came home to a big cage (2x6 C&C cage). Now he is very lovable and friendly. I recently got him a friend Dean. Their intro wasn't the best but wasn't the worst. So, I put a cage divider in for a week and now they are the best of friends. But back to the point, they didn't fight a lot in the cage because they are in a very big space and if get ticked off they can walk away and cool off without them being on top of each other. Please please invest in a bigger cage. That should help calm the nerves of the two little boys.

01-04-15, 12:11 am
Hi! I love the name Pants! I just got mine for Christmas too, and they'll get more used to you and each other over time. Mine came in a pet store cage as well, so I got the Midwest Guinea Habitat off of Amazon. They love it! They happily chatter all day now, and are super snuggly and happy with each other. I was intimidated by the whole "build your own cage" thing, so it was a great way to get them enough space. Can't recommend it enough.

01-04-15, 12:42 am
Cute piggies!��

01-04-15, 01:43 am
Sooooo cute!!! Love their names!!!!

01-05-15, 08:02 am
They are super cute ! I literally don't have space in my room at all. I've had to build shelving already because they're old cage is on my desk and their new cage is on the floor. I can't help but think space isn't really the issue as they're just as bad during floor time, they teeth chatter constantly for about 10-20 minutes then run around like crazy and then irritate each other for an hour til they get tired :( I want to do what's right for them but I don't have the space. Could I keep them seperate and allow them a good few hours floor time together everyday ?