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01-02-15, 07:52 pm
Hi guys. Question for y'all.

I've had ringworm about three weeks now, and while it's improving, I've now got a new patch on my leg (first was on arm). Occupational health at my workplace has said it's very hard to identify a source, but animals are possible. After thorough inspection of the dogs and cat, I'm at a loss. Both piggies seem fine. The ONLY thing I can think of is this patch on Peyton's face. It's not crusty or scaly, you can only see it if you push his fur back. He's had it the ENTIRE past 4-5 months I've had them, no itching, nothing. Here it is:


And with the fur smoothed as usual:


One time, some time back, Eli had a patch on his skin similar to this image (found on guinealynx):http://www.guinealynx.info/images/fungus_2.jpg
It promptly disappeared after a week or two of Miconazole treatment.

So, any thoughts?

I should say I workout at work EVERY day, get pretty sweaty, but have no time to shower and just go home afterwards. I'm very careful with washing hands and machines and such. Any chance it's my piggies doing this? :( I've also heard pigs can be carriers and still spread ringworm to people...if so, how do you handle your pigs?!

Thanks a bunch.


01-03-15, 03:26 pm
Well, it doesn't really look like ringworm to me.

Are you around any other animals? Any people you know have ringworm?

01-03-15, 03:27 pm
I'd say you were at much more danger of catching ringworm at the gym where you work out than you are from the pigs. And I agree with foggycreekcavy -- that doesn't look like ringworm to me.

01-03-15, 05:42 pm
Oh? Thank you! That's a big relief. I treated that mark a while back with miconazole when I was treating Eli's facial fungus but...nothing happened. Is it probably just a mark he has?

And my other animals seem to check out....THOROUGHLY inspected them haha. No one I know has ringworm...unfortunately (would give me an answer :P)

Again though, even if Eli's fungus a while back was SOMEHOW ringworm, would the Miconazole I used even have cleared that up? Is there ANY way spores could still be around somewhere? I'd say their past 3 cage cleanings I've done HARDCORE disinfecting...It's just so very stressful not knowing the source of this annoying thing, and worrying that handling them could potentially worsen it.

01-03-15, 07:27 pm
I know that fungal spores can hang around for quite a while and it is almost impossible to clean them off of wood. Do you by any chance have anything wooden in the cage?

As to your picture, I agree with everyone else it does not look fungal. To me it looks like a scar.

Hollys Mommy
01-16-15, 08:06 pm
It doesn't appear to be ringworm - but check her back daily to make sure she doesn't have any hidden elsewhere.