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01-02-15, 03:29 pm
Looking for ideas on decorating the OUTSIDE of my Midwest cage to make it look more appealing and not stick out like a sore thumb. Anyone have any good ideas? And pictures please!! Lol :)

01-02-15, 06:53 pm
Post a picture of it in the area of the room its in, so people have an idea of what it should go with.

01-02-15, 06:54 pm
I guess I forgot that! Lol. Will have to do it later I guess as I am out and about now.... :/ lol. Its nothing special really . just a Midwest cage..

01-02-15, 08:08 pm
I put some fleece by the wall as kind of a "backdrop" it also helped with the noise the cage caused by hitting the wall. I also have a fleece forest up and the girls love it. I dont have many accessories in the cage as I dont want to take up any more room. Hope this helps:)

01-03-15, 05:07 pm

Here it is! Its nothing spectacular. Want the OUTSIDE of it to be decorated. Need ideas on what I could do! :)

01-03-15, 05:08 pm
And yes I need to fix the lid lol. One day I will buy the top for it....

01-03-15, 09:07 pm
What kind of decoration?

I would say you could put lights near the bottom, assuming there is a plug nearby and your piggies could in no way reach it...
Could you consider buying a stand for it and decorate that?

01-03-15, 09:15 pm
I kinda like it on the floor because i attach their run to it. But I didn't think about lights! I will try that! Keep the ideas coming!

01-03-15, 09:16 pm
I want to make it look pretty! Lol