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01-02-15, 10:47 am
Happy new year to all guinea pig owners!
After owning GP's as a kid, it is now time for my children to experience all the fun.
We were lucky enough to be given a male GP about 6 months ago, (Fred is now 12 mths old), he is the light brown one, which I am told is a roan - can someone please confirm that???

Today we bought another little GP - which is an 8 week old female tri-colour - called Millie.

They are living separately at present.

Could someone please advise if these 2 GP's would be a good mating couple?
and if yes, what age does Millie need to be to safely carry a pregnancy?

Thank you



01-02-15, 11:02 am
Welcome to the forum!

We are actually a strongly pro-adoption, anti-breeding group. There are a number of problems with guinea pig pregnancies -- high death rates for the sows and pups (the pups are very large in relation to the sow compared to other animal babies), and genetic diseases such aslethal white syndrome, osteodystrophy, and others. Plus, there are thousands of guinea pigs in shelters and rescues that need good homes. There are enough accidental pregnancies to keep the species going without another guinea pig ever being deliberately bred. We also do not provide information that would help you breed your pigs, although we will help with cage/diet/medical advice etc.

Please do not risk the life of this baby by letting her become pregnant. Also don't let them together, as mating takes mere seconds and there would be nothing you could to stop it. She's well past the point of being able to get pregnant -- that was at about 4.5 weeks of age.

01-02-15, 11:17 am
I also want to add that you should NEVER breed a roan guinea pig. Roan guinea pig's carry the allele to create lethal babies. Lethals are usually born blind and deaf, they have deformed eyes, missing or severely deformed teeth and often have very underdeveloped digestive tracts. These babies die very young or they require round the clock medical care for their entire lives.

Please take the advice given here and do not breed your pigs. I would look into having your male neutered, after recovery your pigs would probably become fantastic cage mates.

01-02-15, 11:23 am
Please don't breed your piggies. There is a chance of getting a lethal white with a roan. You should also never breed because of the risks it carries. There is a 1 in 5 chance your female will die giving birth. And there are thousands of homeless guinea pigs waiting for homes--or worse, euthanasia--in shelters. Why contribute to the problem by adding more? If you want a baby piggy, adopt a baby piggy.

01-02-15, 12:15 pm
I won't say anymore about breeding since others have addressed that issue. I just wanted to welcome you and say your piggies are very cute.

01-02-15, 02:08 pm
I won't address breeding either as it's been done, but just wanted to mention that each pup from a roan x roan mating has a 25% chance of being a lethal white, which has a shortened lifespan (or is stillborn) and has significant problems with sight, hearing and teeth.

Your boar does not look like a roan to me, he looks plain beige from those photos possibly with a bit of brindling (although I am viewing from my phone so the quality is decreased). Your sow is also unlikely to be roan, though it's always a remote possibility on broken whites because the white patches can hide roaning.

They are quite cute, welcome to the forum.

01-02-15, 06:05 pm
Millie and Fred are adorable! :)

That said, I'm guessing that you bought Millie from a pet store and you do not know of Fred's genetic background either, so it would be an awful thing to breed them. There are tons of homeless guinea pigs in need of homes and by breeding you are adding more unwanted guinea babies into the world, not to mention genetic deformities that could occur in the babies. You also have to keep in mind the cost of going to the emergency vet if Millie were to have complications while giving birth - guinea pig vet bills can easily reach in the high hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.

For your sake, Millie's, and the possible unborn babies - do not breed your beloved pets.