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01-02-15, 10:39 am
Hello everyone! I'm not sure if this is a cause for concern or it could be nothing. My 1 1/2 year old Bonnie has been acting a bit strange lately. It has been growing colder in the house but I only notice her puffing up and being in a corner. I do see her eating hay and drinking water normally. I've checked for nose discharge and any abnormal sounds but she just sounds like plain old bonnie. What I did notice is when I pick her up and hold her she shakes as if any normal person would when they are cold. But rapidly. I could almost compare it to the vibration of a cell phone. She does this multiple times and at first i thought maybe its her showing me that shes annoyed and wants to be put back into the cage. Am I over thinking things? Bonnie hasn't ever been sick since I've adopted her. I've had her for almost a year now (Since January 4th 2014). She's always been one of the strong ones. I do know however that one of my other girls is picking on her and felt maybe Bonnie is just being bullied a bit since shes away from the rest. Is bonnie just cold?

Edit: Forgot to mention when it's time for their veggies she immediately springs up for it. Which tells me shes fine and active.

01-02-15, 11:03 am
Mine vibrate occasionally. I'm not sure what it means.

Does she have hideys she can get into to warm up? How cold is the house?

01-02-15, 11:09 am
My indoor thermometer isnt working atm but its definitely under 60F in the house. I have 6 step stools set up in a box shape and have thermal blankets over them to form a giant tent. I have a few side hideys all covered as well. But she doesn't seem interested in them. She mostly gets on the pillow and sits there. I've at times had to cover her because I do get worried but I know when food arrives shes up and going.

Edit: So I checked the thermometer in my uncles room and it says 63F. Though the room we're in is rather big and I assume it would be slightly colder. It still makes me think though because bonnie is the only one who seems to puff up. I'll be getting a small heater today (for the room. Not aimed at their cage).

01-02-15, 11:18 am
if it is under 60 it might be too cold for your piggy. you could try making a fleece forest or two

01-02-15, 12:27 pm
Sixty is probably too cold for her, and if she won't use a hidey or get under the blanket, you'll have to figure a way to warm things up or put her cage in a warmer part of the house.

01-02-15, 02:05 pm
If she is cold a quick fix would be to use a towel. Just roll/mold it into a pig-sized cave that is low enough to touch her back when she goes in there and place it in her corner. If you have spare fleece, you could use that too. Before I bought a cuddle cup that's what I would do for my boys during winter.

01-02-15, 02:11 pm
Sounds like she might be cold. Mine shiver when they get too cold and it does feel like a brief vibration. I'd provide her with a smaller, cozier hide and a piece of fleece or a soft towel inside so she can warm up.

01-02-15, 06:50 pm
Fill a few long socks with 1 cup of rice, twist and tie off with a rubber band. Twist and fold the rest of the sock over the used area and heat in microwave for 30 seconds and wait 10. move the rice around and see if its needs to be heated more, if so, heat for 15 seconds. You can wrap in foil layers to hold heat and wrap in fleece for them to lay on. None of mine are chewers but you have to see if yours are.

01-03-15, 03:30 pm
I like Snuggle Safe pads for heating pigs and cats.http://www.amazon.com/Snuggle-Safe-Pet-Microwave-Heating/dp/B00008AJH9/ref=sr_1_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1420320486&sr=1-1&keywords=snugglesafe

Being "puffed" is a sign of illness, however. Do you weigh her? Also, the fact that the other is picking on her can mean that the other pigs sense that she's not feeling well and not able to defend herself as normal.