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01-01-15, 09:42 pm
I have a two week old guinea pig that is sick. She has been fine until two days ago when all she has done since then has layed on the bedding. Her front left leg appears as she can not moves it and she trys her best to gt up. But she can't get off her side, I ttried to hepl her up and she can't stay up. I had to remove her from her cage becasue the other guinea pigs are trampiling over her. I am having to hold her and feed her by hand. She also lost her left eye, I noticed this earier this evening.

Any help is gretaly appreciated.

01-01-15, 10:36 pm
She needs to see an emergency vet right now.

We can do nothing to help her at this point.

01-01-15, 10:39 pm
Ditto foggycreekcavy. She needs a good exotic vet ASAP.

For future reference, guinea pigs go downhill very quickly when they're sick, so the time to get them to a vet is when you first notice symptoms. If you're not sure if the situation is serious enough to warrant an immediate vet visit, post the symptoms here (one thread per pig for medical issues, please) and we'll help you sort out whether you can wait a day or so or whether the pig needs to be seen as soon as possible.

01-01-15, 10:48 pm
Poor piggy! Take her to a vet as SOON as you can. Keep us updated!