View Full Version : URI/Upper Respiratory Infection My mom sprayed Febreeze in my room!

12-31-14, 03:06 pm
My room was smelling bad so my mom sprayed Febreeze in my room, and my guinea pigs are in my room. She didn't spray any near the cage, she sprayed it facing away from the cage. Is this going to hurt my guinea pigs? This is the first time that any has been sprayed in my room with my guinea pigs and I'm scared they're going to get a respiratory infection. Also for future reference would plug in glades be harmful to them?

12-31-14, 03:10 pm
The fumes of Febreeze may harm your guinea pigs.
I would just keep a very close eye on them. If they start wheezing, breathing harshly, coughing, or anything else abnormal, take them to the vet immediately. Possibly give them a call now just in case.

Glade plug ins would be fine, as long as they don't spray and only give off scents.

12-31-14, 03:32 pm
But you should keep your cage cleaner. That will help the smell.

12-31-14, 03:56 pm
I use febreeze around my pigs cage on the carpet and never had a problem but I agree with bpatters about keeping the cage cleaner to keep the smells down.

12-31-14, 04:36 pm
While it's not ideal to spray Febreeze around your pigs, they're not going to die from it. I've sprayed Febreeze in my room several times (mostly as a result of my ex-boyfriend) and my pigs are fine.

12-31-14, 04:54 pm
It probably won't hurt them, but do clean more often. The only time I smell anything other than hay is if I have to go an extra day without cleaning. Even then it's not febreeze worthy. But I realize others are more sensitive to pet smells than I am.

12-31-14, 06:08 pm
Febreeze is *mostly* harmless. You don't want anything to breathe in too much of it but that shouldn't happen with one use of a normal amount. Things that give off scent constantly are usually not a good idea. You are replacing good air with heavy scent molecules made of various chemicals. It's not like setting a flower in your room with natural flower scent. The chemicals stick in the lungs. That's why so many things are dangerous to birds and people with bad respiratory diseases like COPD. The scent displaces oxygen and reduces the effectiveness of the lungs leading to respiratory distress. Mammals are hardier than birds by a lot but still, do you want to risk lung damage? Reduce bad smells (which are also harming their respiratory tract) instead of covering with chemicals. If you really can't keep the smell down for some reason try a hepa filter to remove potential scent causing airborne particles instead of adding to them.

12-31-14, 06:55 pm
If you are an adult and want to use something to remove odors that is safe. Use vodka, any cheap brand in a spray bottle, spray the what ever, carpet, couch when it dries the odor is removed without any odors added to it.

12-31-14, 08:47 pm
honestly, my boyfriend is odor sensitive and as much as I keep my cage clean he demands he can smell it and sprays febreeze and the like in our room. ( i have told him to stop)

I have rats , they are even more sensitive than guinea pigs and it has never affected them.

01-01-15, 10:28 am
You really should invest in an air purifier which will help the smell of the room markedly. I recommend the Homedics brand which I buy at Bed, Bath & Beyond with a 20% off coupon. They are a bit pricey, but worth every penny. Mine runs 24/7 and has done so for more than three years. Regularly brush the filter to clean it, and replace it once a year.