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12-31-14, 11:49 am
Hi guys, Im new here:) and am so glad to have found somewhere to gush over my piggies. I have two girls Zoey(white) and Olive (black) who I am obsessed with. Both are under a year old. Zoey started off as a pet store pig, who I got about three nonths ago, whereas Olive has had a rougher go of things. I adopted her as a buddy to Zoey. The rescue I adopted her from told me that she had come to them pregnant and delivered a baby at a very young age and that she was living in a bin with a big amount of others.

12-31-14, 12:03 pm
I am glad you adopted her a friend! I'm sure you will give both of them much better lives than they had before. Welcome to the forum!

12-31-14, 02:49 pm
Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for rescuing a piggy! They will have a much better life with you than in a pet store or a rescue. I understand the obsessive feeling. :) My parents would think I was crazy! :)