View Full Version : Conditions Crust on guinea pigs back?

12-30-14, 10:26 pm
My Adult male guinea pig (about 3 years old) He gets this a few times a month I'll try to brush it out and maybe a few weeks later it comes back idk what to do or what it is can someone help? Or have U seen it before cause I don't know what else to do 714647146571466

12-30-14, 10:29 pm
if you have a local exotics vet, get him there, that looks awful! kinda makes me think of wax. . .

12-30-14, 10:30 pm
I'll try that cause it happened over night I brushed him yesterday and he looked completely fine

12-30-14, 10:31 pm
I may be way off base, but could it be bore glue? I remember finding something similar looking on my rats back before, and it was something along those lines.

12-30-14, 10:38 pm
Is he housed with another male guinea pig? Is the stuff always in the same place? Is it very hard when it dries?

If he has a male cage mate and the location of the stuff is different from time to time, it's boar glue (dried semen). If it's always in the same place, and isn't hard, he may have a sebaceous cyst that opens occasionally. To clear that up, the vet may have to remove it to get the capsule out, but it's not a serious surgery. But do find an exotic vet to do it so you'll have someone who knows how to manage the anesthesia -- dog-and-cat vets know little to nothing about guinea pigs.

12-30-14, 10:40 pm
Yes I have two other males with him but no it is not in the same place it's always in different spots on his butt and yes it's like a hard crust and it happens within a night when he gets it

12-30-14, 10:41 pm
If it is bore glue which now U said that I think it is.. Is there a way to help reduce or how to clean it off

12-30-14, 10:51 pm
You'll have to cut it out.

And it's "boar" glue, because it's from another boar, not "bore" glue. You'll find it in some very interesting places...

12-30-14, 10:57 pm
O okay thank u so much I feel much better now knowing its nothing serious