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12-30-14, 01:41 pm
Hello there guys, my name is Sharn but you can call me anything (as long as it's nice :p)
I'm 21 from the UK and and completely and utterly in love with my gorgeous little guinea!! :love:

I am the proud mummy of a guinea pig named Captain Morgan who got his name from his adorable little black eye patch!
He is between 3-6 months old and I got him from a neighbor who planned on breeding him with his mum! (No way was I going to let that happen!)
I do plan on getting him a lovely little friend some time soon but it's going to be hard considering his only company was his mum before I got him.

It would be lovely to get some future advice and maybe make some new friends ^_^

12-30-14, 02:15 pm
Hi! Thanks for rescuing Captain Morgan, his mother, and the possible future pups they might have had. Interbreeding is even worse than just regular breeding. Since you plan on getting him a friend (high five!) he'll need a C&C cage. (If you don't already have one). I look forward to pigtures of him!

12-30-14, 02:18 pm
He doesn't really have a cage :s

He spends allot of his time out of his bed with me and his "daddy" and running around the place looking for things to lick and eat! (except wires, they're well away from him) :p
I will be getting him a proper cage soon though hopefully, just been rather hard over Christmas time. Not to mention he wasn't exactly planned haha.
When I upload the pics to my laptop, I will happily share them. :)

12-30-14, 10:11 pm

So glad you saved him from breeding. And thank goodness you knew to get a friend! Very caring. Captain Morgan sounds like a very spoiled piggy. :)

12-30-14, 10:25 pm

I can't wait to see pigtures of Captain Morgan. Love the name!

12-31-14, 05:26 am
71471 I do have more but I need to get them from my phone, this was him the first day we got him, you can see his little eye patch :)