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12-29-14, 10:35 pm
Hey yall. Long time lurker, first time poster.

My DD has been wanting her own pet. I'm already granny to my teenage son's two girl gerbils, Padmé and Leia. They've been spoiled rotten for the past 3 years. My 11 year old DD fell in love with our neighbor's cavy and has wanted one for a while. A good semester of school and lots of hard work convinced us she was ready, so for Christmas her father and I adopted three month old sisters Nilla and Oreo. Thanks to this forum we were prepared for our duties as Cavy grandparents.

They're currently in a 2x3 C&C cage with fleece on top of wood pellets. A stand and second story are in the works but for now everyone is adjusting to our new life. We are enjoying learning their personalities. They are exact opposites in appearance as well as behavior.

Here are a few pics. Thanks for all you've shared, the forum is so informational!

Christmas morning happy tears.

They love to play in their hay. They wheek loudly when we open the box to refill. Smart girls.

Laps through the fleece forest is their favorite.

Cutest piggies on earth, not that we are biased or anything. ;)

12-30-14, 08:55 am
Welcome to the site! You can tell how happy DD is with her new "kids." (beautiful photo) I wish all parents would approach pet ownership like you do. You're setting a great example for your kids. Looking forward to more photos and posts from you.

12-30-14, 09:02 am
Hi there and welcome to the forum! Congratulations on your new family members, they are adorable!

12-30-14, 11:55 am
Your piggies are beautiful! That smile on your daughter's face says it all… I also would like to ditto what Pinky said about how you are setting such a good example for your kids.

Nilla and Oreo are very lucky to have found such a great home. . I don't have to guess which one is Oreo. Lol!

12-30-14, 12:15 pm
Thank you all for the warm welcome. These really are amazing little animals. They're so sweet and gentle how can you not spoil them? Lol