View Full Version : Diarrhea Mucus in poop - otherwise normal piggy

12-29-14, 12:50 pm
I was holding my guinea pig, Peanut, today and noticed that she passed a pile of droppings that looked like this:


Several of them have a clear/light brown mucus in them, and all the other ones have a thin slimy coating. She also seems to be a little gassy, but is otherwise acting completely normal. They did eat some kale yesterday in addition to a little bit of carrot. She and her sister have unlimited access to high quality grass hay, and get 1/8 cup each of Oxbow pellets per day. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? Could it just be a result of the kale?

12-29-14, 01:25 pm
It could be. The usual procedure for a problem like this is to take them off all veggies for 48 hours. If the poops go back to normal, then add veggies back one at a time, 48 hours between each new one, until you hit the one that causes the problem. Then eliminate that permanently from the diet.

What vegetables do you usually feed them, and how much of each?

12-29-14, 03:52 pm
They usually get a cup of cucumber peels 1-2 times a week, 1 baby carrot every other day and a handful of lettuce a few times a week

01-12-15, 09:25 pm
sorry for the delay - things returned to normal after a couple days of no veggies. thanks for the response! :)