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12-28-14, 09:32 pm
Hi there! Late last winter I bought my daughter a guinea pig from a pet store (gasp! I now know better) complete with a pet store cage ( double gasp!). Sammie is a boy( the smooth brown and white one) . After a few weeks I started reading a lot on the internet and stumbled across this amazing group. I have been able to make so many positive changes thanks to you all. A bigger cage, Better food, better treats, better toys that I could make myself, better quality hay, etc. Sammie now has a roomie that was adopted from a local rescue. His name is Freddie and he is just so cute, he looks like he's wearing black chaps on his hind legs. They are both sweet boys with very different personalities. Sammie is quiet whereas Freddie is very vocal. Sammie likes to be picked up and purs when petted and Freddie is a bit more skittish but likes to be pet under his chin. I can't say that Sammie and Freddie are best friends ( there's no snuggling or playing together) but they don't fight, they co-exist. I learned quickly that I had to go from a big C & C cage to a giant one to help with that. My finger lost a fight with the box cutter during the expansion and I ended up in surgery but that's a story for another day. Pinterest craft gone wrong what can I say... Anyhow, thanks for the advice and support. I love looking at all the cute pics especially the piggies all dressed up! And although I tell my girls the pigs are theirs they are most definitely mine LOL!!!

(sorry the pics are upside down, not sure how to correct that)

12-28-14, 09:43 pm
Hello and welcome to the forum! Sammie and Freddie are adorable!

12-28-14, 09:51 pm
It's so nice to meet you and your boys. They are so cute. I love the little black markings on Freddie's back legs.

I'm so sorry about your finger. Surgery yikes! I hope you're doing okay now… Those box cutters can be dangerous.

12-29-14, 02:00 am
Welcome to the forum:). Your piggies are adorable!!!

12-29-14, 08:59 am
Such cute piggies! And you never know, they might get closer as time goes on. I've had Amy and Quinn for around three years now, and initially they were frenemies. Now they're at the point where they'll even share a pigloo together, although it took a lot of time.

12-29-14, 01:44 pm
I love this site too! I was given a pregnant pet store pig for my birthday. Of course, I didn't know she was pregnant! This site has helped me become a good piggy owner. And I made a mistake with my cage too--I cut the Coro using only scissors! I had battle scars by the time I was done. Adorable pigs!

12-29-14, 10:24 pm
Haha! Fortunately for me, my coroplast was pre cut. Your boys are so cute! I did what you did! I bought my piggies from people and put them in a store bought cage. I recently got them into a new C&C cage, though.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Welcome!