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12-26-14, 09:55 pm
Hello all,
I got my Daughter a pig and she is doing great. about a week later, I got my other daughter a pig (both female) and she liked the one with the colic on the top of her head. recently, it looks like its no longer a colic and she is starting to lose her hair up there and looks a little scabby. We have not noticed them fighting or anything but I am not sure what's causing it. We just separated them tonight until I can figure out what's going on. I have a pic of her but not sure how to post it (I just registered to this forum.) please help...she is a very friendly baby pig and I want to make sure she is healthy.
Thank you

12-26-14, 10:13 pm
71371 this is the top of her head

12-26-14, 10:17 pm
Looks like ringworm.

12-27-14, 10:50 am
Thank you for your reply. I read your link and it sounds like I have a fun time ahead of me (pig treatment) and making sure my girls are clear.. Good Times!!! haha