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12-25-14, 04:43 pm
so, I was holding my guinea pig Pocari, and I noticed a really rough dry patch on his armpit. it was quite bloody and covered in dead skin. I'm concerned that he may have some how contracted ring worm. I've treated it with Bag balm for the dryness and to help stave on infection. its about the size of a quarter. he is also shedding REALLY bad.

12-25-14, 05:54 pm
It looks like it might be some kind of infection, parasites, or maybe a fungus? You should get him looked at by a vet who will be able to establish which one it is and give you the appropriate treatment.


I would recommend reading through the above website and also the following website as sometimes vets who aren't guinea pig savvy prescribe harmful medication:


12-25-14, 06:19 pm
I wouldn't use Bag Balm. Guinea pigs groom themselves and ingest whatever is on their body that they can reach with their mouths and/or paws. While nursing calves may get some exposure to Bag Balm, it's not NEARLY as much in relation to their body weight as a guinea would get from grooming a lesion such as your pig has.

I'd follow the GL hairloss link above and treat it like a fungus. If that doesn't help after 2-3 days, switch to a triple antibiotic cream, available at any pharmacy. Use only a dab, and rub it in well with a q-tip.

12-25-14, 06:57 pm
unfortunately our local "exotics vet" has barely got any knowledge about guinea pigs. the nearest true exotics vet is hours away, and I have no way of getting there, or paying for the vet bill even if I could get there. recently lost my job :(

12-25-14, 06:58 pm
only reason I use bag balm is because it was recommended by our Chinchilla's breeder for sores on Chinchillas.

12-25-14, 07:15 pm
My vet recommended bag balm for Daisy when she had urine scald. I didn't use it because she was already on other lotion/meds, but just thought I'd add that.

12-26-14, 01:46 pm
Gave him a bath today with Flea, Tick, and Lice shampoo and was quite surprised these nasty black spots showed up all over his fur. not fleas, way too small, like little specks of dust. unfortunately couldn't get a picture of that to turn out clear enough to be seen. I promptly ordered a bath for his former cagemate too. have Pocari quarantined from him, since I wasn't sure what kind of sore he has. the spot was pretty much cleared up this morning, with no treatment but the bag balm (I have to get my mom or someone else to help me get the stuff to treat it like a fungus.) still completely bald spot but it looks clean and properly pink not bright bloody red.

12-26-14, 03:02 pm
Are the black spots moving? They might be lice eggs or maybe signs of mites. Check his fur thoroughly and see if you can see any lice or any kind of eggs. Mites need to be treated orally with ivermectin and lice should be treated with Advantage (imidacloprid) but you need to rule out lice first. Don't use flea powders or shampoos they can be dangerous and harmful to pigs.

For details and dosage guides please read the following pages:


12-26-14, 05:45 pm
yeah the shampoo I used is a kitten formula, suggested by a vet in the area. I've looked him over real careful and no signs of lice, so I'm leaning toward it being mites. I've dosed both boys with a little bit of ivermectin behind the ears. I currently have them separated because I wasn't sure just what Pocari has and I don't want Emery to get it if I can avoid that. he has such lovely long hair! is it safe to treat a nursing guinea pig with ivermectin as I think whatever it is came in on my momma pig. her baby was born 12/23/14.

12-26-14, 11:57 pm
some people have suggested that it may be ringworm as well, I'm not sure what to treat it as . . .
its a lot less sore looking today, since his bath. washed the blood off. my sister thinks maybe it is a hotspot that he's scratched real bad? either way, gonna find my medicines and treat it with the Miconazole cream.

12-28-14, 04:08 pm
Our vet uses a black light to check for lice/mites. He admits it's not always accurate but shows more often than not. It's certainly worth a try if you happen to have one. Guess it can also show or rule out ringworm. I'm trying to remember what he said about that. I'll look it up.

12-28-14, 04:10 pm
I was right.

One of the simplest ways to diagnose Ringworm is with the Woods lamp, which is an ultraviolet lamp, also know as a black light. 50% of the Microsporum canis species will fluoresce when the Woods lamp is placed near the area of hair loss.
The lamp emits a purple/blue glow from the tube, and when there is fluorescence on the skin, it has a greenish appearance. Other material on the skin (dander, medication, etc.) can also fluoresce, so interpretation is important.

Since only 50% of a certain species of Ringworm fluoresces under the glow of the Woods lamp, a culture is used to verify the diagnosis:

The website is dog/cat info but still applies in this case for the black light info.

12-28-14, 05:03 pm
I'd just treat him for a fungus, which is what it looks like. Black lights are pretty useless since they don't work half the time. If the organism doesn't fluoresce, you don't know whether the pig has it and it doesn't fluoresce, or doesn't have it. It's easier just to treat since the treatment is pretty benign.

12-30-14, 10:16 pm
I'm sorry I don't know how to use this but please someone help I have an issue with my guinea pig if someone has seen this problem before help me out I'll brush it out and maybe a week later it comes back it's like a crust I have no idea what it is someone please help 71460714617146271463

12-30-14, 10:18 pm
Can you get a closer picture? And you need to start your own thread on your own pig -- it makes it easier to follow. Just go to the medical forum, click "Post New Thread," and ask your question there, with a close-up picture.

12-30-14, 10:21 pm
I'll try to get a better picture and Ive tried before but I can't find the button to do it

12-30-14, 10:27 pm
Okay I got it thank u

12-30-14, 11:17 pm
while the hard spot on his skin is bigger, the red, and flaky skin is pretty much gone. I've been treating it with anti-fungal cream since Christmas. He HATES treatment time though and is now not wanting me to touch him. at all.
I try to be as careful and gentle as I can, but nothing seems to help, he's not liking me at all right now. I'm guessing that it hurts a bit too.

01-18-15, 01:31 pm
well, skin problem is back, and with a vengeance. it now covers large portions of his back, and around his ears. raw patches coated in flaky dead skin. vet put him on antibiotics twice a day, and a medicated bath every two days. worst part is, now my baby piggy (born December 23) has it too. we're running some lab tests to see if its a fungus, such as ringworm. so far the results are negative. Pocari at least, has been running a little hot in temp for a while, hence the antibiotic. vet did a skin scrapping. no mites. no lice. and apparently no ringworm.

01-18-15, 09:54 pm
I am treating the both Pocari and Kismet with Miconazole cream to the afflicted areas and Ivermectine (one drop behind each ear) in case its mites. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000HHOEIU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

01-18-15, 10:07 pm
and here are a few new pictures of Pocari's affliction

01-18-15, 10:47 pm
Has your pig been treated for mites?

01-18-15, 11:34 pm
we've been treating for mites and fungus. Dermazole medicated shampoo for fungus, and ivermectin for the possibility of mites. neither seems to be helping

01-20-15, 07:49 pm
well, I'm guessing that it is actually parasites. I bathed them with a new shampoo I got (antiparasitic, antifungul) and little flat white bugs came out of they're skin. pretty sure it was in fact coming out of the skin because Pocari started bleeding afterward

01-20-15, 07:50 pm
Oh my goodness, the poor babies :( At least they're getting treatment for the right thing now. This has been quite the mystery.

01-20-15, 08:09 pm
Were the little flat white things actually moving? Next time take a photo of them if you can.

What's the name of the shampoo you are using?

I would take them to the vet and ask for Revolution. It will take care of pretty much every parasite they could have. It's usually just one treatment, maybe two.

01-20-15, 11:50 pm
I know it says not to use on cats (and so I'm guessing not smaller animals either) but its helping. . . . and it didn't seem to bother them any. I kept them from cleaning themselves while it sat on they're fur for 10 minutes and rinsed real thorough afterward. I know I should have gotten pictures but I really don't have a good camera, just my phone. the little white things were moving a little then went still.

01-20-15, 11:52 pm
its possible that the ivermectin that I've been using on them is what brought them to the surface of the skin, and the shampoo just finished the process.

01-21-15, 11:32 pm
It's entirely possible that the shampoo is what caused the bleeding. I would immediately discontinue use of it. Especially since it's not for use on cats, so it's most likely harmful for guinea pigs as well. Did you get it from a vet?

if you don't want to go to the vet for the Revolution, you can get it online at Petshed.com.

Little white things sounds like lice to me. Which Revolution will take care of without harming your guinea pigs.