View Full Version : Infection Please help diagnose skin condition

12-25-14, 10:53 am
Hello everybody,

I'm new owner of 2 females guinea pigs. Recently I noticed something on the nose of one of them. The seller in the store told me that it's just a scratch, but I'm very concerned about this. Please, I need your advice...

12-25-14, 11:25 pm
I can't really see anything that looks like a scratch in the picture on my iPhone (too small). Is it right at the top of her right nostril?

12-25-14, 11:49 pm
Maybe wring worm since you got her from the store?

12-26-14, 01:12 am
Looks like fungal infection.

12-26-14, 01:17 am
I can't tell from the picture but if the skin is flaky or red in that area then it is likely a fungal infection, I also suspect fungal due to the circular nature of the lesion. Fungal infections can be treated at home, for this case I would recommend a topical cream which you can get from a human pharmacy. Read this link, it also includes information about which creams to use http://www.guinealynx.info/fungus.html

Just make sure to wash your hands after handling her, fungal infections are contagious to humans but generally it is not a big issue unless you are immunocompromised.

12-26-14, 09:59 pm
That looks exactly how my piggy's nose looked. Vet diagnosed it as dermatitis. They gave me a cream for fungus and it healed within a few days!

12-27-14, 11:45 pm
Thanks a lot to all of you for advice! I also was afraid that this is ringworms and started a treatment with lotrimin. However, today, I was able to show my guinea pig to a veterinary after the Christmas holidays. He told me that it's mites. He put 2drops on her and told me to come back. It's hard to tell from one small picture. But I really appreciate your time, and, once again, thank you for advise.

12-28-14, 09:01 am
july8, was this an exotic vet, or a dog and cat vet? Because I have to tell you, in almost six years of being very active on two large guinea pig forums, I've never seen or heard of mites in that location. But that's a classic location for cheilitis or, as in your case, a fungal infection. I expect that lissie has more experience with guinea pigs than your vet, and if it were my pig, I'd be treating it for a fungus.

12-28-14, 10:56 am
Yes, it was an exotic vet. I'll give these drops a try and see if there is any improvement in a couple of days. My guinea pig is stressed out, when I put a lotion on her scratches. She doesn't allow to touch it. If there will be no improvement, of course, I'll continue treatment with lotrimin. Thank you for your recommendations. I'll send an update later.