View Full Version : Conditions Christmas Eve babies

12-24-14, 07:48 pm
Lily finally had her three adorable babies!!! They were born about 2:00 p.m. today. Mom and babies are doing fine.7133871339

12-24-14, 08:14 pm
What precious little babies! I'm so happy that Mom had a safe delivery. What a wonderful Christmas present for you.

12-24-14, 08:17 pm
Thank you, Kelsie:). They are so sweet!

12-24-14, 08:41 pm
Very cute!

12-24-14, 09:10 pm
They are precious, congratulations! Will they have Christmas themed names?

12-24-14, 10:20 pm
I'm sure they will if the kids have anything to say about it. My oldest has already suggested Holly. I'll have to figure out if they are boys or girls first:)

12-24-14, 10:52 pm
What a beautiful Christmas blessing for you and your family. I hope all is well with them and wish you a very merry Christmas and a joyous new year.

12-25-14, 12:59 am
Thank you, Love my herd:). I sat and watched them run and popcorn around the cage for about 30 min after everyone else went to sleep. They are so cute!

12-25-14, 11:31 am
Congratulations! Totally cute.

12-25-14, 12:29 pm
I was hoping the darkest one was a girl, it's my favorite, but pretty sure it's a boy. The black and white also looks like a boy. The tricolor one I'm pretty sure is a girl, so we will be keeping her:). I will check again in about a week to be sure. I have a friend who wants a same sex pair so they will be getting the others when they are ready. I really hate to give any of them up:(. The dark colored boy is the bravest. He was the first out exploring the cage last night.

12-25-14, 04:24 pm
So precious aww! They're so fluffy :D

12-25-14, 04:35 pm
So tiny! I love when baby pigs are so small that they fit in the palm of your hand.

12-25-14, 04:46 pm
congrats on the babies I just had a baby guinea pig too. just one. its pretty large.

12-25-14, 06:09 pm
Yes, they are pretty small 102 grams, 87 grams and 82 grams. EcthalionMCB how much does your pup weigh?

12-25-14, 09:33 pm
My smallest baby doesn't seem to get to nurse as much as her brothers do. How many times a day and for how long should I let her be alone with mom?

12-25-14, 11:31 pm
I think it's 20 minutes but I'm not sure how many times per day?

12-26-14, 12:30 am
Thanks, I've gotten her out twice today but I have to bribe Lily with veggies to get her to be still so the baby can nurse. She's always calling and looking for the other babies.

12-26-14, 02:27 am
They are so cute! Congratulations!

I am no expert, but I would think the little one and Lily would need to be isolated so the baby could feed several times a day.

12-26-14, 12:36 pm
I weighed them again this morning. Two of them gained 2 grams and the other one stayed the same. I've started taking the biggest one out so the two smaller ones can nurse. I'll take him out about 4 times a day for 15 min and check their weights again tomorrow to make sure everyone is gaining.

12-26-14, 05:50 pm
Kismet weighs 5.3 ounces today, or 150 grams

12-26-14, 06:18 pm
That's great! Sounds like she's griwing well. My biggest one was 110 grams today.

12-26-14, 06:24 pm
They are two days old now, right? Mine at two days were (Girl 1) 95g, (Girl 2) 100g, (Girl 3) 90g, and Boy 1) 100g. At six weeks they are now (Girl 1) 370g and (Boy 1) 380g. The other two girls were adopted. All guinea pigs differ a little. They are normally bigger in smaller litters and smaller in larger litters.

12-26-14, 07:39 pm
Yes, they are two days old today. Boy 1 is 110 grams boy 2 is 87 g and the girl is 84 g. The mama, Lily, is now the smaller of my two girls again. She had gotten so big while pregnant, I was surprised she could walk:)

12-27-14, 03:11 pm
All the babies are gaining great!!! We have names, the little girl is Hazel, the biggest boy is Samson and the other boy is Mo.