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12-23-14, 09:32 pm
These little girls are the new additions to the family. Our first guineas we have alot to learn :).

My kids will meet them tomorrow and then the arguing will begin on what to name them. Our pony is called "Tina" by my DD's and my DS call her "Cupcake" .:p So it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

The beige piggy purrs so sweet when she is rubbed and the other is very sweet too but you have to work for the quiet purr. Maybe she will get louder as she gets older?

12-23-14, 09:47 pm
Oh my gosh, they are precious piggies! Welcome to the forum!

12-23-14, 09:48 pm
Welcome to the forum! They look adorable. Guinea pigs have their own personality and like different things then others. She might not be a big purrer, while the other might love to cuddle.

12-23-14, 10:48 pm
Welcome! Cute pigs. Also, when they "purr," are you usually petting their backsides? Because that may be rumbling, not purring; rumbling is a sort of way for a guinea pig to say "Stop, I don't like that."

12-23-14, 11:11 pm
Welcome to the forum! Those are some CUTE PIGGIES!!!! I agree with kenna18155. Guinea pigs are hard to read, but I have read that the real guinea pig purr that they do with their moms as babies is very rare any other time. But rumbling happens all the time. And even tame guinea pigs have to get used to you for a while before they are totally comfortable. I have had a guinea pig rumble because he was so happy to be eating a ton of peppers before. All my pigs will rumble when I pet them in a certain way. One of my boys will rumble every time I clear my throat if i'm holding him, it is so funny! But he does that cause it annoys him haha.

A big undisputed and clear sign of contentment is if they lay with their leg out! Once you see your pig do that while you are near, you know they are totally comfortable. Another big one is if they feel comfortable enough to sleep with their eyes closed instead of open. It took my boys months but when they started doing that around me I felt like that was a huge milestone in how comfortable they were with me. Enjoy your new babies! They will grow on you very fast.

12-24-14, 04:20 pm
Hmm maybe she's rumbling. It's very hard to tell. The brown and white girl snoozes with her eyes closed when I'm watching. Can they really sleep with their eyes open?

I let the kids have them as an early Christmas present. My almost six year old is in love. She immediately said they brown and white girls name is " Elsa" ...my son said no that's " Batman". " sigh.. The suggested names for beige girl is WildStyle but not sure yet.

12-24-14, 10:17 pm
They do usually sleep with their eyes open. When they feel very safe they sometimes close them to sleep.

maddy harper
12-27-14, 03:12 am
Hi and welcome. Both my pigs pur when they have snuggle time. So sweet. :) you will learn a lot by being on here thats for sure.

12-27-14, 10:42 am
Well tan girl is being called Bambi by my youngest so I think it might stick. She is so vocal. It's very cute.:love:

The more I read the more I get worried. We wanted young guineas because it seemed a lot of the older ones we have seen are not used to being handled. So when we saw them at the petstore we bought them right away. I don't want to hear about the lecture about buying from a petstore..I know that now. What are the odds of them being pregnant? They were in a separate cage from the boys.

Are guinea pig bellies always kinda chubby? Elsa is chubbier around her belly but she is a little older than Bambi I think.

12-27-14, 10:57 am
I've read that pregnant guineas drink more? how often is more. I change the white water bowl in the picture about 4 times a day and it's mostly empty. I will switch to a water bottle when we get back home and get our c &c cage.

Oh and they were separate at the store from the males but later after we bought them I wondered aren't stores usually all male or all female? These girls were from petco.

12-27-14, 11:38 am
That is quite a lot of water! How high do you fill the bowl? Are you sure it isn't just spilling? You should sex the two to make sure you have two females. Since they're from a pet store, there's a very high chance they could be missexed to pregnant (take it from me, I got a pregnant pig from PetSmart). She doesn't look overly pregnant right now, but you can't be sure. Feel her belly. If you feel anything move, she might be pregnant.

12-27-14, 12:11 pm
They do spill some water so maybe it about 3 out of the four probably go to them. I looked at both of them and compared them to the pictures online and to me they both look like girls. They don't like being held on their backs so I looked quick. I will recheck.

12-27-14, 12:29 pm
I rechecked and they are girls. Elsa, the brown and white didn't want me to check or hold her up for belly shots so I made it quick. Bambi you cant tell from a back shot. She has hair going all different directions.

12-27-14, 02:59 pm
She doesn't look pregnant to me but I could not tell my Lily was pregnant until about 5 weeks after I got her.