View Full Version : Feet Bumblefoot or arthritis??

12-23-14, 06:28 pm
Hi everyone. I took my 2 year old piggy to the vet 1 month ago because she was holding up her paw. I looked at her pads and they looked a little swollen so I thought it might be bumblefoot. The vet confirmed that and put her on Baytril and told me to soak her paw in Epsom salt and warm water daily for 1 month. Today is a month. She seemed to be improving and was walking on her paw as recent as yesterday. However, today she is back to not walking on it. She's eating, pooping and overall being her normal self, she just either holds up her paw or babys it. Her pads no longer look swollen. The vet is gone for Christmas vacation and I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow as well (I have a piggy sitter). Do you think it's something else, like arthritis? She's not very active, she prefers to stay in her tunnel. Any advice would be much appreciated.