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12-23-14, 11:34 am
Hi everyone! Our little family just adopted two sweet little guinea pig girls. I grew up with guinea pigs and have missed them SO much! I'm so excited to introduce them to our daughters (we pigsat for my younger daughter's class piggies over Thanksgiving and they loved them, so we decided it was the right time to bring a couple into our family). My older daughter (11) was begging for one but we put her off by saying "Someday..." :) One will be hers, and the other will be mine, but I will have the ultimate responsibility for them.

They are currently in a temporary cage at my mother in law's house; I've been going over just about daily to feed them, take them out a little for snuggles (they are really timid, only 4 months old and not handled much). I can't wait to pick them up tomorrow night and introduce them to their fancy new c&c cage with purple fleece! I've started sewing a cuddle cup, but my sewing machine jammed and I just got it back from being repaired... I'll have to finish the job after Christmas when I'm not trying to sneak in secret sewing projects :)

I'll post pictures when they're home and a bit settled - and named!
Thanks for this great group. I've gotten so many helpful reminders in my lurking over the last week :)

12-23-14, 11:50 am
Hey @Peony (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=33750)! Welcome to the forum! I'm LoveMyHerd. I'm sure you'll find everyone very helpful!

12-23-14, 11:55 am
Thanks LoveMyHerd!

12-23-14, 11:59 am
Welcome :D Can't wait to see the pigtures! :o

12-23-14, 05:11 pm
Hello and welcome to the forum!

12-28-14, 10:34 am

Here are the girls! My older daughter named them Nibbles and Oreo :)

A question about getting them comfortable in their new home - we have had them since Christmas Day (Thursday) so it's been three full days. Is it normal that they still would be hiding in their cavy hut and only coming out when we're not in the room? (We have their cage on a table in our downstairs den area - which is used sometimes during the day, but usually we are upstairs... I thought this would be best so they could have quiet time but from time to time would hear us and some activity for an hour or two here and there.) It's been such a long time since I had guinea pigs so I don't remember... and the litter we had was used to being handled early, so I don't remember this stage of having them.

We have taken them out daily for either lap time (the first day) or floor time (the last 2 days). They don't want to be picked up, but seem to get a little bit more comfortable once we've been holding them for a few minutes. During floor time they've eaten treats we've offered (vegetables). They are eating and drinking fine, although not eating as much hay as I thought (probably because of the fresh veggies we've been giving them daily). I've seen Oreo drink water, but not Nibbles yet. Plenty of poops in the cage :)

Any tips or suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

12-28-14, 11:13 am
Yes, it's normal for them to still be hiding. I'd skip floor time for several more days, but do continue to catch them and give them treats while they're on your lap.

And they're better off in the area of the house where there's the most activity. They're prey animals and hide illnesses very well, sometimes to the point of it being too late to treat them. The more often you see them, and the more familiar you are with their behavior and activity levels, the more likely you are to catch a problem early on. Besides, they're as cute as all get out -- why consign them to the basement where they're not often seen? Mine are in my living room, which gets the most use of any room in the house. And as far as quiet goes, we've got five people (two of them children), two dogs and a cat going through making noise, and all that does is prompt the pigs to stand up at the side of the cage and wheek for treats. The two snakes don't count, because they're upstairs and silent.

12-28-14, 12:43 pm
Thanks bpatters! I appreciate the feedback! We'll see about relocating them maybe. And we'll just do lap time for the next week or so.