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Oreos mom
12-23-14, 12:02 am
I just received Oreo on Sunday and qas told she likes to be alone. They tried getting her a play mate but she was to aggressive. Not sure how old she is but she is very sweet. I am learning alot about her seeing I have not had quinea pigs in 20 years. (Lots of things have changed). I know I will need to get her better food next week but I already bought her timothy and orchard grass, green leaf lettuce, green pepper, and carrots. She does not touch carrot, but eats everything else. I am using fleece liners and a card board box for now, and she has things to chew on. I will get more things with each paycheck till I have everything she needs. I know I will learn more things from allnof you and I am looking forward to it

12-23-14, 12:03 am
Some guinea pigs just need a less dominat or same amount of domince. And congrats on your new pig

12-23-14, 11:42 am
Aw, congrats on your new little piggie! It's been about 20 years since I had piggies too :) I feel like I'm twelve again!