View Full Version : Urine Wet Tail????

12-21-14, 06:08 pm
just a question for you. I have a young boar, about 4-5 months old, who's little butt is always wet. far as I can tell its pee but not sure. is this normal? not even entirely sure what wet-tail is. he is the only one of my 4 pigs with this problem.

12-21-14, 06:16 pm
Guinea pigs don't get wet tail -- that's a hamster disease.

Is he staying pretty much in the same position all the time, so that he's laying in his own urine? Or does he seem to be dribbling?

12-21-14, 06:23 pm
he is very active, but he may be sitting in the pee spot. both my boars go in the same spot on the shelf.

12-21-14, 06:26 pm
Keep that area drier, changing the bedding several times a day if you need to, and see if that clears up the problem.

12-21-14, 06:37 pm
All all of your pigs long haired? If not, the pee could be soaking into his fur because that area is not clear or fur. I know someone with a Silkie/sheltie (same thing) and his hind end gets wet when he pees, and poop gets stuck in it so they have to clean him often. If the hair back there is shorter, this may reduce the problem. But first, I would do what bpatters suggested and see if that works before cutting his hair.

12-21-14, 06:40 pm
will try that. gotta clean the cages today anyway. clean them every Sunday.