View Full Version : Skin Problems possible fungal issue but unsue

Brooke Arnold
12-21-14, 05:54 pm
Hi all,
My guinea is almost 3 years old and has always been with his brother. Well less than a month ago we lost him. We thought it was age but now we are not so sure. Ressee is loosing hair in many spots and itching to the point that he is causing sores. This was the same thing that happened in the end to his brother. I am not sure what I need to do I have never had to deal with this situation.
Thank you in advance

12-21-14, 06:18 pm
The first thing I'd do is treat him for mites. You can take him to the vet, or treat him yourself -- see http://www.guinealynx.info/mites.html and follow the ivermectin links.

If the mites treatment doesn't work, then I'd treat him for a fungus.