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10-10-05, 12:47 pm
I'd love to see what you have to say about your bunny companions. I'll start if I may.

His name is Benny, he has been with us since he was a baby. We adopted him from the human society 5 years ago.

By far his most endearing quailty is his affection and bond to my wife and me. Alot of people don't realize how close and loving bunnies can be, but they truely are remarkable.

By far his most favorite place to be is on lying on my chest, with his face pressed against mine. I get licked like a dog for what seems never ending. His little tongue never seems to get tired from all that licking! He loves giving his mom, my wife, kisses too but I get the Rabbit's share, so to speak. As we all know kisses from a bunny is a show of affection and love for their adult companions. He is incredibly bonded to my wife and me. He shows it every day and puts endless smiles on our faces. For that, I say his affection is by far his most endearing quaility. He has so many more endearing qualities but this one truely stands out for me. :cheerful:

10-10-05, 01:01 pm
awwww that is just so sweet. I myself had never had a rabbit before Buddha. Never would I have thought they were such amazing creatures. I was fostering for my friends rescue (she handles mainly piggers) and asked if I could foster a bunny for a bit. I did and woke the next morning to 5 kits. All died but Buddha. I have learned alot from him and treasure each day I am blessed to share with him. He turns 3 in April and is one of the sweetest animals I have ever known. When I come into the room he presses himself so hard against the side of the cage wanting my attention. I open the door where I am greeted with a head nudge. I pet him tell him how much I love him where I am then gifted with tons of kisses. Let me tell you, there is nothing compared to a bunny kiss. He makes my heart melt. He is sweet with anyone and anything. He loves the dog and will cuddle with him for hours. I could go on for days about how much I love him. He is all over endearing I cant pick one quality.

10-11-05, 04:04 pm
I have a little silver dwarf named Sterling who also is a snuggler and loves to give kisses. One of the most endearing things he does is come when called. I call him when his dinner is ready and he will race over and run between my feet. While I'm eating breakfast in the morning he will scratch and bite my pants to get treats and attention, and when he's totally relaxed he will stretch out his hind legs behind him. I also love it when he grooms his face with his little paws--it's soooo cute!

10-31-05, 09:11 am
Why thank you, Kimberly and Bunnyluv for your sweet stories about your bunnies. I couldn't help but smile. :)

Though I must say that after 66 viewings of this thread nobody else had anything to contribute. Makes me think are we the only ones with a bunny? Why didn't anyone want to share anything? I thought this thread would have been loaded with cute little stories. I thought this thread would be alot of fun.

Oh well, so much for thinking. Next time I'll be more careful.

10-31-05, 11:36 am
I know. I have posted about my bun here in the past and not many reply. Dont know if its lack of having a bunny or it those who have them dont keep them as we do. Their loss i just love my bunz to pieces. Do you have any pics of you little love?

10-31-05, 11:49 am
We have a bunny but we are still learning a lot about her. She does love to shake her cage like a crazed inmate trying to escape. She will do anything for craisins. Her name is Bunny and she is about 5 months old. She is not spayed yet, but will be after Thanksgiving. Our cat, Ranger, brought her home one day a few months ago.

10-31-05, 12:20 pm
awwww she sounds cute. Have you given her any toys yet? Mine loves to toss around cat rattles too funny

10-31-05, 01:38 pm
She has a hanging toy, a little wood circle thing with wood carrots on it that she likes to throw around, and I also give her little hay woven baskets to play with. She gets to come out of the cage at night after I get home from work and she likes to play with the cats and follow them around. I am planning on making a digging box for her with shredded paper. I think she will like it even thought I have not seen her try to dig much.I think she is molting now because her fur isn't as pretty and soft as it was a few months ago. Its kind of messy and she's shedding like crazy, worse than the cats.

10-31-05, 01:41 pm
Yea they shed aweful. I look like I have a fur coat on after I am done loving on my guy. Have you started to litter train her? If you dont mind the mess they love to dig in sand boxes. I bought a cement mixing tray from Depot for 5 bucks and some play sand for a few dollars more. I put a shower curtain I got at the dollar store underneath the tray, fill the tray with sand and sit back to watch the fun.

10-31-05, 01:57 pm
She actually kind of trained herself. I built her a c&c cage and was not too worried about cleaning poops up, etc.. I had put a litter box in the corner with Woody Pet and hay. She just started using it on her own. At first she would poop all over the livingroom and then just one day she started running to her litter box when she had to use it and stopped pooping on the floor. It was really cool because we didn't have to do much with her. I don't know if whoever had her before had started the training or what. I didn't mind cleaning the poops because they are nothing compared to cat poop :-)

11-01-05, 12:58 am
I've been watching this thread, but I haven't posted because I can't choose any particular quality.:) I have four rabbits and they are all unique and special in so many ways.

Mocha will always have a special place in my heart because she was the first. She's sweet, caring, and very territorial with other bunnies. She is the definition of "princess" when it's used as an adjective! Loki is my binky-boy. He's hilarious. He likes to run and binky and throw things that are bigger than him. He has a lot of attitude. I think I was meant to adopt Fey, and her sister too. I saw an ad in the paper and just *knew*. Fey is very sweet and loves to be into everything. Between Fey and Sprite, Fey is always the first to try something new, check out a new box or the open door. She got frustrated with being cooped up after her spay and jumped over a 26 inch high wooden barrier. Sprite is adorable and spunky. And grumpy, but hopefully that will decrease with her hormones. She's all full of sweetness and light, licking my pants and running circles around my feet, until I try to touch her. Then she dashes back to a safe distance and glares at me. Yes, she loves me, but how dare I touch her?

I could go on and on about my rabbits. I often do!lol

i love piggies
11-13-05, 07:54 pm
Hi there I have 3 bunnies, two of which I only got recently.

I rescued Dolly from a girl who wasn't looking after her properly. When I step into her pen she runs laps around my legs and licks me. When I sit down she reaches up for a hug.
As she is a giant bunny, she is quite heavy. But I lift her up and pat her. She absolutly loves it.

My other two are still getting used to me but they both love to run to me, lick my leg and run off and hide.

They are so cute.

11-14-05, 11:25 am
Do all rabbits shed or are there some species that don't?

11-14-05, 12:02 pm
I think they all pretty much do, some breeds more than others. I havent come across one that doesnt shed.

11-14-05, 03:17 pm
All rabbits shed. They go through full molts in spring and fall and generally don't shed much in between. At least, mine don't shed as much in between compared to my parents' cats. Changes in diet and unusual weather can cause a rabbit to molt too, even for indoor rabbits. A proper diet usually keeps a rabbit from shedding as much in between molts.

Of course, long-haired breeds are harder to take care of throughout the year, but especially when they are molting. I don't know if rexes (very short furred) are easier to take care of, but I have heard that some get temporary bald spots when they molt. Must look pretty silly.

11-14-05, 04:12 pm
Bunnies are great! I have two, one I rescued, probably about 6 or 7 (He was being kept in the basement with no light or attention) and the other is not even a year. Hoppus, the first one, doesn't really like me but my boyfriend and him get along perfectly, so I guess that's his best quality. And Atticus rubs his chin on everything when he's inpecting a new cage or when I let him visit with the piggies. It's soo silly and cute. He's also very gangly and kind of awkward looking like a teenager.

11-15-05, 01:17 pm
Bunnies are great! I have two, one I rescued, probably about 6 or 7 (He was being kept in the basement with no light or attention) and the other is not even a year. Hoppus, the first one, doesn't really like me but my boyfriend and him get along perfectly, so I guess that's his best quality. And Atticus rubs his chin on everything when he's inpecting a new cage or when I let him visit with the piggies. It's soo silly and cute. He's also very gangly and kind of awkward looking like a teenager.

Your little fellow, Atticus is "chinning". That's how he marks his territory. Bunnies have a small scent gland under their chins. They will even chin their human companions.

I gasped when I read that Hoppus was in a basement, alone and neglected. It absolutely breaks my heart, the callousness of people. But don't worry too much, keep treating him with love and kindness. In time he can learn to return your affection. If he is closer to your b/f, that's ok. He is learning to trust humans again.

Lastly, Naturestee is right on in his explanation of shedding. Nice going.

11-15-05, 10:32 pm
Thank you, I'm happy to know that Atticus isn't the only bunny who does this.. I knew it wasn't a problem but it was kind of odd. As for Hoppus, he was in very bad shape when we got him. The cage looked like they hadn't cleaned it in months, his water bottle was empty. He had food though. His nails were so long they had twisted and I could bearly cut them. He was so afraid to be held he shook. Me and Shane (my b/f) were just going to to take a look to see if were going to be intrested. But as soon as we saw him in that state, we just looked at each other as if to say 'Let's get him the ef outta here!' And we didn't have a cage at this point, or anything. But we knew even if we had no idea how to care for a pet, we could do better than that. We let him run around on the floor for a day and gave him a cat bowl with some carrots and water. It's great to see how much he's changed since we got him. His coat looks fuller and he's more alert and he even comes if you call him. The only issue i have with my rabbits is that... well to put it bluntly, all they do is hump each other! They chase each other around the cage and hump! And I guess it's whatever makes them happy, right? It's just odd, to see animals so hormonal. Especially two males... do they not realize it's pointless to do this? I think it's hilarious but I'd appriciate some views or facts on this sublect. Thanks!

11-16-05, 12:11 am
The most important thing that you must do is to get both of the boys neutered. The reasons are many, but you will be doing them and yourself a huge favor. It is just extremely important.

And bless you for saving that bunny's life. He will thank you in ways that will enrich your life. The rewards will be immense, and many.

I, and others here cannot say enough about the House Rabbit Society website. If you have not, you should definately go their and read, read, read. Get educated on this precious companion. Learn all you can. Even buy a book or two.

Go to www.rabbit.org (http://www.rabbit.org)

One last thing, I would love to see a picture of your boys! Can you make that happen?

YK Shepherd
11-16-05, 06:58 pm
Funny Bunny is great, he loves to hop around the big dog crate. He spends most of his days in there. I will look for some pictures I am sure I have some.

In the evening I always give him a small piece of carrot. If I forget he will thump until I get up and give it to him. I find that so cute!

This dog crate is 48 inches long and 36 inches wide.



12-28-05, 11:09 pm
I love my bun bun so much. Her name is Floppy Sox. She likes to run around my feet and bite them for attention. Her favorite thing in the world is to get her head rubbed by my feet. She wants this 24/7! She doesn't like to get picked up :( it frightens her. She makes me smile every day with her darn cuteness. I love how shes a lazy little girl that likes to lay around all day. My bunnys kisses are nudgeing my leg or foot with her nose. She gets so excited to see me when I get up in the morning.

03-05-06, 03:43 am
Hmmm..... There are too many to choose!

I think two things are tied as my favorite. One is when Jackie flips his Flip-n-Toss carrot toy up and it smacks him in the forehead. (no one said he was smart! lol) The other is when he goes to happily lay down and he flings himself face first onto the floor and rolls onto his back like he's dead. But sometimes he peeks at me with one eye open... So cute!

Yes my rabbit is slightly retarded... And I love him for it! :silly: