View Full Version : Introducing Solaris, Luna's new cage mate

12-19-14, 05:12 pm
I could not of be anymore luckier and happy right now there was an perfect instant bond of my little new addition Solaris and Luna girl!!! tried to get a good picture of them together but Luna is not very camera happy. (they are free range bunny only in cage for a few hours at night)

12-19-14, 05:22 pm
Aww cute! Which one's which? I assume Luna is the black one?

12-19-14, 05:35 pm
Yes maam :)

12-19-14, 05:37 pm
I love your rabbit's names. I have always loved names like Luna, Moonbeam, Stella, and Astrid.

12-19-14, 05:40 pm
Thank you very much i have another rabbit named Demeter (didi) she my old girl who don't like no one any more so she separate and Luna needed a friend!

12-19-14, 07:44 pm
7119671197 I got good pics of them together!!!! FINALLY