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12-19-14, 03:55 am
Hello everybody! My precious girl, who is 7 years old, is going into surgery on Monday for a huge lump she has attached to her butt. The pic below is from April last year, when the vet operated on her for the same thing, but now it seems it appeared again, only now is bigger and much uglier, with 2 spots on it from where it suppurates (the spots appeared all of a sudden approximately 3 days ago). At first we didn't want surgery because of her age and we hoped it wouldn't grow so fast, but now the risk is all the same, with or without surgery. :( The vet says he hopes it's not attached to her colon, otherwise she will have to be put to sleep during surgery. :( And it could also be cancer...
I'm constantly thinking it would have been better to have the guts to do this from the very beginning, now, after 4 months, it could be too late. :( I know she's old, but she's so active and full of appetite and curiosity, I can't believe this is happening. She would be the last pet we have...

12-19-14, 09:21 am
Best wishes to her, and to you. Keep us posted on how she's doing.

12-19-14, 09:24 am
Poor baby. No matter what happens, it's obvious she's had a very good life with you. I'll keep you both in my thoughts.

12-19-14, 09:36 am
She's so cute, good luck and I hope everything goes well with her surgery. Ferb & Penny send nose touches and prayers.

12-19-14, 09:46 am
Best wishes and a speedy recovery for her.

12-19-14, 10:07 am
I wish you the best of luck with your baby. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

12-19-14, 10:39 am
Just a suggestion, but before I would do surgery on her I would find someone to do 1) a CT scan and 2) a fine needle aspiration. The CT scan would help to determine if the lump is attached to anything and removable. The fine needle aspiration would allow for an analysis of the cells to determine if the cells look cancerous. I had a pig with a large lump in a very similar location. The CT scan told us it was attached to her hip, and the fine needle aspiration told us it was rapidly growing cancer. We did not try to remove it, and gave her 3 more months because of it. She was also a 7ish year old pig. I had just adopted her (like at the vet clinic I met her previous owners) when I found out about her problems and none of them knew her age but the vet said she had to be around 7 based on her bones.

12-19-14, 12:13 pm
Good idea, ClemmieOddieIndy. But just be aware that a fine needle aspirate may give false negative results. They're most accurate when used on a lump that's filled with liquid, or with a large tumor, because the needle is more likely to retrieve malignant cells. If the malignancy is spread through out a tumor, the needle may miss it, thereby giving the false negative reading.

12-19-14, 12:21 pm
Thank you all very much! :D Thanks a lot ClemmyOddieIndy for the suggestion, I'll ask. God, I'm so nervous, be it surgery, no surgery, scan or not. :(

12-19-14, 12:39 pm
Hope it goes well. She's gorgeous. Keep us updated.

12-19-14, 01:13 pm
Thank you all very much! :D Thanks a lot ClemmyOddieIndy for the suggestion, I'll ask. God, I'm so nervous, be it surgery, no surgery, scan or not. :(

I feel you! It's nerve wrecking not knowing what the right thing to do is. This last pig (the one with the tumor in a similar spot) was when I finally realized no one ever knows the right answer. I was lucky enough the first time I had a pig with a tumor to have a vet who refused to perform the surgery until she had a CT scan done. I would've never thought of it without that. In that case, the CT scan showed it was clear to remove it, and her surgery was successful. If you do go the CT scan route, I always ask them to try it without a sedative first. My two pigs who've been through it sat very well in the CT scanner.
bpatters that's good to know.

12-22-14, 01:38 am
3 more hours and we drop her off at the vet. These past few days since I came home from college were a nightmare, I just hope it won't get worse and we'll get a miracle for Christmas. Nightmare because we are all so damn worried about everything, not because she wouldn't behave normally. She does, she's a sweetheart, she poops so fine and she seems so healthy, despite the age, it's hard to believe she has to go through this.
We'll keep you posted.

12-22-14, 07:14 am
Very good news! In about 40 minutes the surgery was over and the vet called us to say he got it all out, it didn't attach itself to anything. As I said, though, it was much bigger than the one last year, so she lost about 20% of the leg's muscle. But all the vitals were and are excellent and she's already pooping, he said he's very pleased with her digestive tract.
She's home now, slowly waking up and realizing what just happened. We are so happy and relieved!!! Thank you all for thinking about us. We'll keep you updated as the days go by.

12-22-14, 07:51 am
Good news!

Just be prepared for her to seem to go downhill later today and tomorrow. They often seem better when they first come home because they're still full of pain medication. As that wears off, they move less and seem worse. But if the vet has given you pain meds for home (and I sure hope they did), those will keep the edge off, and she should perk back up in 24-48 hours.

12-22-14, 08:08 am
I wish her a speedy recovery and a Merry Christmas to you and her.

12-22-14, 08:11 am
Thank you so much! Yes, bpatters, I know what you mean, we went through the same thing with her last year (although then it wasn't about losing foot muscle). We will go for about 3 days for injections with antibiotics and other stuff they give in such situations and that's it, nothing for home.

Forgot to say how tiny she is: 750g (1lb 10oz if I'm not mistaken). <3

12-22-14, 08:20 am
Congratulations! I'm so pleased for you and your gorgeous piggy! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

12-22-14, 08:37 am
Yay! That is great! I wish her a fast recovery!

12-22-14, 08:47 am
Prayers and a quick recovery for her

12-22-14, 09:37 am
Woohoo! I'm so glad she made it out okay! My prayers for a speedy and uneventful recovery!

12-22-14, 10:12 am
Excellent news, I hope she recovers quickly!

12-22-14, 11:07 am
Good news. Good luck with the remaining recovery.

12-23-14, 09:45 am
We were too emotional yesterday to think of anything else, so we didn't take pictures like we did last year. Just so you can form an idea, that's the monster from April 2013:

It's cut in half though, as you can see.

12-24-14, 12:53 pm

Hello everybody! Here's a pic of us from a few minutes ago, we woke up and drank tea, after which we started crawling and eating the first hay and pellets of this day, because unlike yesterday, today was harder. It seems like we don't have any idea how to use that leg anymore, so we crawl bit by bit and generally avoid to move much.
We are so grateful that we still have her with us, she's our little miracle of this Christmas!

We wish you all wonderful holidays and thanks for sticking with us!

12-24-14, 01:09 pm
Merry Christmas! Tell your little miracle I said hello. :) Prayers sent your way!

12-24-14, 04:32 pm
My best wishes for that little sweetheart. She is certainly a little fighter. You are truly a wonderful owner to do so much for her. May you and yours have a wonderful holiday.

12-24-14, 10:16 pm
Merry Christmas, Ferb and Penny and I are still thinking of her and wishing a speedy recovery!

12-31-14, 02:11 am
We want to wish you all a Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true and most of all, your pets and loved ones to be healthy, 'cause it's definitely the most important thing!
First thing in the morning we went to the doctor to remove the sutures and he was very pleased with what he saw and what I told him (that she runs and walks just fine, like before the surgery, as if nothing happened).

12-31-14, 08:00 am
That's great news! Best wishes to you and yours as well! Bonne Année!

02-04-15, 12:56 pm
I think the rules say not to open multiple threads for the same pig, so I'm writing this too here.

I just came home and I saw a white spot right in the middle of her right eye. It appeared kind of overnight or anyway, very suddenly. I know this is sign of blindness, right? :( Let's not forget she's 7 years and 2 months old. It still upset and shocked me, although I am grateful she's always hungry and very active. She sleeps a bit more and more profoundly, but that would be all.

02-04-15, 01:41 pm
Can you post a picture of it?

02-04-15, 01:57 pm
I don't have one yet...I will go to the vet tomorrow or in 2 days anyway...It's not exactly white, I mean the middle of the eye is translucent, I don't know if I say it right.

02-04-15, 02:04 pm
I don't have one yet...I will go to the vet tomorrow or in 2 days anyway...It's not exactly white, I mean the middle of the eye is translucent, I don't know if I say it right.

Does it look sort of cloudy?

02-04-15, 02:22 pm
Yes. From what I've quickly researched, it looks like the cataract that sometimes comes with age. :(

02-04-15, 02:32 pm
Yes. From what I've quickly researched, it looks like the cataract that sometimes comes with age. :(

Exactly what I was thinking. Poor Piggie :( at least she has you to love and care or her.

02-04-15, 11:16 pm
Well, in such a case, there's nothing the vet can do, am I right? I know it's not curable, but are there eye drops or something to alleviate it?

02-05-15, 02:14 am
It could also be a scratch on her cornea. My piggie just recently scratched hers. It was a cloudy white spot. The vet gave her eye drops and she has recovered beautifully.

02-05-15, 02:18 am
We'll see...In 2 hours we are scheduled at the vet and we will update you afterwards.

02-05-15, 05:00 am
It's cataract, almost inevitable at this age. He only recommended some human eye drops in order to slow down its progression, there's nothing else we can do, exactly as I predicted.

02-07-15, 08:26 pm
One of my old girls has cataracts on both eyes. They've progressed over the years--she's over 8 years old. I believe because it progressed so slowly she has adapted well to being mostly blind (she can sense movement and dark and light and shapes, is what the vet says). Though sometimes she can't find the veggies until she hears the others chomping down on them!