View Full Version : A special guinea pig photo album

10-10-05, 07:02 am
I love looking at all the special photos of peoples guinea pigs and I know everyone else here feels the same way.

I think it would be great to have a Special GP Photo Album where those rare special photos of our piggys can be seen at one place. It can't be any picture or we will be inundated with photos, only those special ones that come once in awhile that grabs our heart.

We have all smiled or laughed or cherished that one in a lifetime special picture that I think shows the piggy's happiness, contentment, enjoyment, etc. with their home. Since this site is all about the happiness of the piggies and their C&C cages and their well being, I think a photo gallery that shows that special piggy picture (ex. lounging pig by Lisser) says it in a nutshell. "Look how happy and healthy I am, I am loved and I love my surroundings."

Thats my idea. Thank you.