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12-15-14, 09:55 am
Hi, Everyone. I have a question about my most anxiety stricken and sickly piggie. She's housed with two other females, and all have lived peacefully together for over a year. Petunia has always been the one to have skin trouble since the day she came to live with us.

Her most current problem is scratching herself to the point of baldness behind her forelegs and on her belly and neck. She scratches until she has broken skin. None of her house mates are experiencing the same problem, and in fact are as healthy as ever so it would seem that mites are not the issue. All eat the same foods (tons of greens tossed with other veggies, Oxbow pellets, and orchard hay.) All drink the same water. Could Petunia have a fungal infection? I don't know if those spread among all who live in the same home.

What are your thoughts on using topical vitamin E or Benadryl on piggies? Is it safe to try an anti-fungal medication to see if it helps?

On a related note, all four of my piggies (have a male who lives next door to the girls) have dry skin. Could I add something to her food to help alleviate the dryness? I give my dogs fish oil for that and wonder if there is a cavy-compatible supplement.

Thanks in advance for your help.

12-15-14, 10:59 am
She could have a fungal infection, but it's more likely mites. All living things have mites (you might be surprised at how many millions are living on your body!), but when the immune system is compromised for some reason, the mites can take hold. That could explain why she has the problem but your other pigs don't.

Fungal infections are contagious, and can spread not only to the other pigs, but to any other warm-blooded creature in the house.

I would not use vitamin E. It's an oil-soluble vitamin, and it's easy to overdose pigs with those since they're basically just balls of fat and fur. I'd try ivermectin first (three doses, a week apart), and see if that doesn't clear it up. If that doesn't help, you could then treat her for a fungus with a shampoo. But if she's got mites now, you don't want to bathe her, because that drives the mites wild, and they drive the pig wild. Either of these ivermectin products is easy to use: http://www.tlpmarketplace.com/health-care.html#skin.

12-15-14, 03:59 pm
Okay. I thought it was the other way around, and the mites are super contagious. Mites were my first guess, but I ruled them out because the other pigs are fine. Sheesh. I should've known to come here right away with my questions. I actually have a bottle of Ivermectin because I use it on my dogs. What does the dosage look like for pigs? I have a scale to weigh her but no idea what the ration is.

12-15-14, 04:19 pm
What's the strength of the ivermectin?

12-15-14, 04:34 pm
It says 1% sterile solution.

12-15-14, 05:44 pm
Here are the dosing guidelines for a 1% solution: http://www.guinealynx.info/topical_ivermectin.html

12-15-14, 06:43 pm
Just wanted to add that you should treat all the pigs that are in the same cage or the problem will persist. Even though they show no signs, they could still have mites and she will get them again. And don't forget to treat again in 7 days to kill the eggs that hatch. I hope Petunia feels better soon!

12-15-14, 06:43 pm
You totally rule! THANKS!

12-15-14, 06:44 pm
Thanks, Jinxing!

12-16-14, 11:14 pm
It could be motes or scaibys