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12-14-14, 06:43 pm
Hey guys! I've been stalking the forum for over a year now and decided it was finally time to join. I have two boars, Reese and Lenny. Reese was, unfortunately, gotten from a pet store a year and a half ago and kept in a tiny cage for the first six months I had him. Then I found this website and built him a 2 by 4 c&c alternative (I use a shower curtain instead of coroplast.) I also no longer support pet stores that sell animals by buying food, hay, and other pet supplies from them. Reese is a black and brown shorthair. He was a baby when I got him and very, very skittish. Now, not much scares him. He likes to chase peoples feet when he's out for floor time, which is funny because he likes to target my mom :o. He likes to take naps while I'm holding him, but will bite hard when he decides cuddle times over. I have to wear a sweatshirt when I hold him :rolleyes:. Also, he popcorns. All the time. Cage sweeping time is his favorite, he popcorns so hard he runs into the walls. He's over all just a sweet little thing. I knew from reading on here that guinea pigs are social animals and need friends, but it took almost a year of indecision and convincing my parents, to finally get him a buddy.
That's where Lenny comes in. I knew I wasn't buying another piggy from a pet store, and the shelters around me either don't take in small animals (like the one I volunteer at) or they didn't have any. So I started checking Craigslist everyday and eventually made a post looking for a guinea pig that needed to be rehomed. I put in the add that I didn't want one from a breeder, because I am also against breeding. Unfortunately, people don't listen. I had one person email me about a 2 year old male for $20 and just the way he worded things, like "thinning out the herd" made my mom and I think he was a breeder. I asked the girlfriend when she texted me if the guinea pig had ever been used for breeding and she said no, but later when my mom called the man slipped up and said they were breeders. I felt horrible for the poor piggy, but I wasn't going to fund a breeder, so I didn't get him. Finally I was contacted by a very nice girl who was moving to a different state and needed to rehome her male. He was roughly eleven months old and friendly. That's how I got my Lenny! I've had him a little over 3 weeks. I still keep in contact with his former owner and send her pictures. He is orange and white, and I kind of think he's an Abyssinian mixed with a Peruvian. He's a lot more vocal than Reese ever was, but he's still skittish. I quarantined Lenny in a separate room for 2 weeks and 6 days and in preparation for the intro I updated the cage to a 2.5 by 4 (biggest I can go at the moment.) I introduced him a day early because if I had waited I wouldn't have been able to keep an eye on them the day after introductions. Introductions took place on the 12th in a neutral area with a pile of veggies and hay. I was really nervous because Lenny is an adolescent going through puberty, but things went great! There was the normal dominance behavior, but no fighting or teeth chattering. Lenny asserted himself as boss pig very quickly. Reese just wanted to eat :D. They even laid down beside each other and since I put them in their cage they have been sharing a fleece forest quite often. I've been weighing them to make sure neither is too stressed out. Reese has lost a little over 10 grams, while Lenny has gained a few grams. They've been together a couple days now, and aside from some rumbling and mounting, things are going great. I'm really glad everything worked out!
I'm looking forward to finally becoming an active member in this great forum! Sorry for the really long post! Will post pictures when I figure out how!

12-14-14, 06:50 pm
Hi @Chaylee (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=33584)! Welcome to the forum! I'm sure that you'll find everyone very helpful!

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Thank you!

12-14-14, 07:41 pm
Im new here to, i have one guinea pig named feather (the other one clover just recent ly died[emoji20] and bubbles passed a while ago) and im really happy to be here because its pretty fun

12-14-14, 07:45 pm
Reese is just like my 4 week old Mocha! Lol. She does exactly the same thing

12-14-14, 09:32 pm
I'm really sorry for your loss guin2567 :(

12-14-14, 10:17 pm
Thank you Chaylee

12-14-14, 11:10 pm
absolutely precious

12-15-14, 02:57 pm
Thanks! crittercorner

12-15-14, 03:50 pm
They're both so gorgeous!

12-15-14, 10:30 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum! Reese and Larry are adorable!

12-16-14, 03:36 pm
Thanks guys! And it's Lenny Rywen He may or may not have been named after the guinea pig on Wonder Pets :o Although I'm pretty sure it isn't spelled right.

12-16-14, 03:59 pm
Your guinea pigs are so cute! One of my pigs recently had babies and the only boy looks almost exactly like reese!71088

12-16-14, 06:47 pm
Thank you! Your piggy is absolutely adorable! I love his little feet! PeanutnCookie

12-16-14, 06:54 pm
Thanks! All four babies had white toes! I wonder why...

12-16-14, 10:06 pm
Oops, Lenny, sorry!

12-17-14, 02:02 am
I just got three guinea pigs from a woman who was giving them away to a good home! Dont know how old they are or if they are "fixed" or not http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/12/16/b548018f4c75bb40f5ece41fb2467986.jpghttp://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/12/16/be52d80fabf80936f32deb60f94e898d.jpghttp://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/12/16/1d9af9491e6424d50250159ecbfe75d2.jpg

12-17-14, 06:47 am
They're very cute! Guinea pigs can get pregnant very young. I would definitely find out.

12-17-14, 10:22 am
Are they all the same sex? If not I would separate the males and females just in case. They're all really cute! GuineaPigLuvs

12-17-14, 10:47 am
Are they all the same sex? If not I would separate the males and females just in case. They're all really cute! GuineaPigLuvs
No no no, im not that stupid, they are all females. The small one Penelope is still a baby though

12-17-14, 11:02 am
Didn't meant to imply anything, was only asking. :) GuineaPigLuvs