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Olivia Duffy
12-14-14, 02:17 pm
Hello, I have recently began to research Guinea pigs and am planning on adopting a pair of rescue piggies in the next week or so. I have a slightly small cage(I know.. Bad. It is 2000 centimeters too small, but they will get more floor time to compensate until I build a bigger cage) because the one I ordered was smaller than I thought. I have purchased Oxbow pellets and Timothy hay, as well as non ceded shavings and chewing toys. I have plenty of money for vet fees and care, so they won't hurt for veterinary care. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

12-14-14, 02:30 pm
Welcome to the forum! :) What are the dimensions of the cage you have? Can you return it? The Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat is large enough for two female pigs, or you could build a C&C cage for around $50, or possibly cheaper.

Since the cage you got is too small it could cause fighting between your pigs due to lack of space. You could buy cube grids for ~$20-$25, and instead of coroplast for the bottom you could use a shower curtain ($1) to protect the floor. Are you planning on using fleece or disposable bedding?

Olivia Duffy
12-14-14, 02:47 pm
The dimensions of the cage are 96 centimeters in length to 57 centimeters in width. Unfortunately I already unwrapped and assembled it before realizing the dimensions were too small. I will look into the C&C cages, thank you for the advice, and I am using disposable bedding.

12-14-14, 08:33 pm
Don't feel too bad, that small cage could still have some uses. It would be a good size for a hospital/transport/quarantine cage. You could also attach it to a C&C cage and use it as a kitchen area.

12-15-14, 03:53 am
I would highly recommend waiting until *after* you have a bigger cage to adopt your piggies. I can understand the excitement and the wanting to get them right away, but you don't want to rush it and have them in a bad living environment because you were a little impatient. Things happen, and the c&c cage could get put off for awhile due to other things coming up. It's far less stressful to have everything all ready for them, before your bring them home. :)

Also, be sure that you have a good chunk of change set aside for a vet fund. It's not uncommon to have to spend a couple hundred dollars a vet trip, and thousands for surgery. Piggies seem to get sick pretty easy, and even healthy piggies fed a perfect diet and that are well taken care of can develop serious, and costly, health ailments over time. I've already spent around $100 or so for medicine and treatment for my two piggies, and I've only had them for a couple months!

I also am for preparing a basic first aid kit as well. Nothing is worse than having to drive around everywhere, or pay a good amount for express shipping, when you have a sick piggy that needs treatment ASAP. If I would of done that, it would of saved me a lot of stress and money. At the very least, I would have medicine on hand for fungal infections (clotrimazole ringworm/jock itch cream or monistat7-easily purchased at Target/Walmart), Nizoral anti dandruff shampoo (for fungal), and ivermectin injectable (for mites).

You also want to get some nail trimmers, either cat/guinea pig nail trimmers, and/or human toe nail clippers. I prefer having both on hand. A kitchen scale as well, for weekly weighing.

You can definitely keep the small cage as a transport/hospital/etc. cage though.

Kudos to you for researching and wanting to adopt your pigs! :) Have you already decided on the ones you want?

12-15-14, 10:42 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum!