View Full Version : Injury Help! Fighting leads to ear torn in half - what to do?

12-13-14, 11:55 pm
I screwed up and put one of my female's fleece into my male cage. I was stupidly using the same pattern and I thought I had kept them straight and I hadn't. Anyway they started fighting and it lead to one of them getting his ear ripped in half. It is not actively bleeding, and is not bleeding a lot. What do I do to treat it tonight? Obviously I have separated them tonight. I left them in the same cage with a grid divider. Will I ever be able to have them together again? It breaks my heart because of all of my pairs, these two NEVER fought, and I literally mean NEVER. They were my easiest, sweetest pair, and now this happens. :( :(

Please don't yell at me about the fleece. I already feel guilty enough.

12-14-14, 09:37 am
Bumping for the morning crowd. I cleaned it last night, and we'll be going to the vet today, but I'm still interested in seeing any opinions on if and how to reunite them?

12-14-14, 12:20 pm
Oh no! I can't help with reunion advice but I hope his ear will be okay!

12-14-14, 01:06 pm
Please don't yell at me about the fleece. I already feel guilty enough.

Your only human.. It was an honest mistake don't feel to bad.. When we first put our female together on of them bit a piece of the other ear off.. We didn't even about it. We did find a piece of what looked like a a piece of poop with fur on it.. But a few days later we where patting on the female and notice a piece of her ear was missing... It had healed just find.. Just that you might feel better after this story..

12-14-14, 01:21 pm
Thanks rywen and rodentsrus. The dumb thing is I knew it was potentially a problem, so I observed them for a few minutes and they seemed restless, so I switched it out. Apparently the first one was the right one. They seemed fine so I left. A few hours later later, I heard them clattering around and fussing so I ran in there and saw them fighting. I grabbed a piece of coro to separate them, and they pushed that aside and that's when it happened. I was standing right there. :-/

We're at the vet right now. They seemed more calm this morning, so I may try washing everything down and a buddy bath if the vet says it's OK.

12-18-14, 09:39 pm
Update: I reunited them yesterday after observing him for a day and giving him time to heal and everyone to "cool off" and forget about the offending fleece. I stopped antibiotics because his ear is healing fantasically, and abx always put my pigs off food, and as we all know not eating causes many other problems. They were back to their usual happy selves and happy to be reunited and did a mild dominance deciding, got that settled in a jiffy, and all was roses and daisies... UNTIL...

Tonight I discovered another bite. And it is bad, bad, bad, way worse than the ear. He's an abby, and it was hidden by his rosettes. Well, it's infected, because of course it is, and the pus finally pushed the rosette enough out of the way so I could see it. UGGGGGGGGGH I almost cried. I can't believe we didn't find it. I cleaned it with the iodine as best I could, but it looks deep and gaping, and he cried and it was heartbreaking, and I feel so guilty. AGAIN. Are pigs like humans, in that if its not stitched within a certain amount of time, it can't be stitched? Of course I resumed the abx and I will call the vet tomorrow, but I had to come here and vent and see if there's anything I can do. He has a pain reliever from the vet already, so I gave that to him (well, I never did stop giving this to him, like the abx.)

:( :( :( :( :( :(

12-18-14, 09:58 pm
You don't want it stitched. An infection in a pig, particularly a deep infection, has to heal from the inside out. If it scabs over or closes up, it will just coming back over and over and over again.

You need to get a curved syringe, like this: http://www.amazon.com/Disposable-Syringe-Tapered-Curved-Tip/dp/B0002YFRAW. You'll need a saline solution (available from any pharmacy). Use that syringe to flush all the pus out of the wound, and do it at least twice a day. If the pig can't lick it, you can put some triple antibiotic cream on it with a q-tip. It should gradually heal from the inside out.

12-18-14, 10:04 pm
Thank you, again. Will it hurt him to do that? I will do it, I just want to be prepared.

One thing I noticed - his cage partner seems to be sniffing around both his ear and this wound and almost licking it. (??) Just sort of paying it attention. Is this a thing? My imagination?

12-18-14, 10:13 pm
It may not be comfortable for him, but I don't think it will be terribly painful.

If you can't find a curved syringe now, use a different kind so you can keep the wound open. And warm the saline by putting the container in a pot of warm water to take any chill off of it. The closer it is to body temperature, the more comfortable it will be for him.