View Full Version : Petstore cage photos

10-09-05, 05:39 pm
Petstore cage photos (that have or are housing pigs) are not allowed to be posted in the photo galleries if they do not meet the recommended cavy cages size of 7.5 sq. ft. Any that are found will be deleted. I have already deleted some pictures of piggie petstore cages. Please also remember that we want you all to post only photos of your cages that will be educational to people seeking to make cages. Photos of pigs only are not allowed nor are photos focusing mainly on pigs and not on the cage itself. We want pictures of your pigs' environments, so please focus on that aspect. If you want to show off your pigs, then post their photos in threads.

So if you post a photo and it disappears, note that it has been deleted because it doesn't meet the photo posting requirements.