View Full Version : Urine Why is her butt constantly wet all of a sudden??

12-11-14, 09:36 pm
The other day I noticed some dark fur around my (female) piggie's bottom. I picked her up and confirmed that she was wet. I figured she just had just peed or something and I just happened to notice it, IDK. But tonight I noticed that it is still wet and it's wet enough that her hair is all stuck together. She seems healthy otherwise - eating, drinking, popcorning, alert, etc. No significant weight loss. But why is she all wet? I thought maybe her fleece wasn't wicking and she was sitting in a puddle, but I tested it and its fine, and my other girls that are in the cage with her are not having this problem. So.... I'm stumped. Does this mean something?

12-11-14, 10:26 pm
Generally, that's the sign of an urinary tract infection.

12-11-14, 10:32 pm
Oh nooooooooooooo!! :( :( I'm assuming, like all piggie illnesses that I need to get her to the vet ASAP?

12-11-14, 10:42 pm
Yes. It's not an emergency, but I wouldn't put it off very long. Infections are generally easier to treat when they're fresh rather than after they get really set in.

The vet may appreciate a urine sample. You can't get a sterile sample, but you can get a fresh one so that any bacteria in it are likely to be due to the bladder infection rather than to contamination from an external source. My vet likes to have one if it's no more than a couple of hours old. Any longer than that and the bacteria from the outside environment can multiply, and the vet can't tell which is from the pig and which isn't. It's not a perfect method, but it saves having the vet stick a needle in the bladder to aspirate the urine, which he'll charge you for, and which has a slight risk of injury to the pig.

What I do is give the pig a butt bath the night before the vet appointment so her bottom is as clean as possible, and I make sure the cage is clean. About an hour before I get ready to go, I get a plastic file folder box and put a small rimmed cookie sheet upside down in it. That will keep the pig out of the urine if she's cooperative enough to pee for you. Elevate one end of the box with a book or something underneath, so the urine will run down to one end. Put the pig and some food in the box, cover it with a towel, and leave for half an hour or so.

If the pig produces some pee, you put it in a clean small jar, and refrigerate it until time to go.

12-11-14, 10:53 pm
Ok, I will get her in tomorrow.

Thanks for the tip about the urine sample. I will do that tomorrow as well. Saving her a needle stick would be amazing.

I have them on fleece over wood pellets. Is it ok to keep this bedding or should I switch to something else?

12-11-14, 10:59 pm
One more question - the last time she was on antibiotics she refused all food, which is of course a nightmare for several reasons. Is there any kind of antibiotic that doesn't put them off their food as much, or anything the vet could give her that would help?

12-11-14, 11:16 pm
Usually Bactrim is the antibiotic prescribed for urinary tract problems. Most pigs can tolerate it, but there's always a chance your won't. What was she prescribed before?

You will probably want to give a probiotic, though.

12-11-14, 11:24 pm
Ooof I just looked back in her old pregnancy thread and she had Bactrim before.

I will definitely do probiotics.

12-11-14, 11:52 pm
Ok. Good thing you are using probiotics.

12-12-14, 04:30 am
Ok, I will get her in tomorrow.

Thanks for the tip about the urine sample. I will do that tomorrow as well. Saving her a needle stick would be amazing.

I have them on fleece over wood pellets. Is it ok to keep this bedding or should I switch to something else?

It should be fine as long as it's kept clean. Soiled fleece or urine soaked bedding can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Wash the fleece as needed and scoop out wet areas of the pellets to keep it a cleaner environment for them.

12-13-14, 06:16 pm
So the vet did a urinalysis and said she doesn't have a UTI. Which is good, except, she still has a wet butt. He said that there is a milky quality to her urine, and he did a gravity test on that. He suggested that it could be a social issue, if the other pigs are harassing her too much, then she's just sitting around in her urine. He told me to give them Quevra Pedra as a preventative to bladder stones. ??? Any thoughts? bpatters foggycreekcavy ?

12-13-14, 06:32 pm
Well, I have to tell you, I don't think much of your vet, and I assume he's not an exotic vet. All guinea pigs have milky urine, and if he doesn't know that, he doesn't know much about guinea pigs.

Also, quevra pedra is used as an herbal medicine to prevent kidney stones in people. But mammals have naturally acidic urine, and herbivores have naturally basic urine. That means that nothing reacts the same, if it reacts at all. So recommending a drug that prevents kidney stones in people could actually make the situation in an herbivore worse. So no, there's no way I'd give it to mine.

Did he do an x-ray to check for bladder stones?

12-13-14, 06:58 pm
He was an exotics vet. We recently moved, so I switched to this one because it's closer to my house,and they are extremely highly rated.

Anyway, he did not do an xray. If she doesn't have a uti, is this the next thing we need to do? Rather, is this the most likely thing she has if it isn't a uti? If she does, is the only treatment surgery?

12-13-14, 07:37 pm
Sometimes pigs can pass a stone if it's not too large. Sows do this easier than boars -- a boar's urethra is just too long to allow a stone to work it's way through, although it does occasionally happen. And stones don't usually cause a pig to leak urine. The leading candidate is a urinary tract infection.

Pay close attention to her over the weekend. Keep her as dry as possible. You may want to trim the hair as close as possible, give her a plain water butt bath, dry her well, and apply a very thin layer of Desitin on the area to keep her from having skin breakdown. Rub the Desitin in well so the pig can't ingest it.

Also keep the cage particularly clean. Check the pig often for any odor developing -- UTIs often have an odor to them. If she's still wet on Monday, or if any odor develops, you may want to take her back in.

12-13-14, 07:47 pm
Thanks for all the advice, I will do all that.

My other (original) vet is actually open tomorrow. I may take her in tomorrow.

12-13-14, 07:57 pm
The vet you just saw may be right, and she may have no UTI. I'm not a vet. But I don't know of anything other than a UTI that would cause the wetness, unless she's a very old sow. How old is she?

12-13-14, 09:28 pm
She's definitely not old - I don't know her exact birth date, because she was a rescue, but she is not more than a year old. Maybe around 10 months. It also turns out that my fleece wasn't wicking as well as it should be, so I thought momentarily that it could be that, but my other sows that are in the cage with her are dry and normal. So, I definitely think there's something going on, especially since this is recent. Up until this week, she was dry as well. My other vet is quite good, so I think it may just be worth a visit.

12-14-14, 03:43 pm
Second vet today confirms that she does not have a UTI. He did an xray for bladder stones, and that was negative as well. The last test he did was blood work. We'll get those results in a few days. He said it could be kidney issues or diabetes. If its none of those things, I guess it must be social issues. ?? It just seems unlikely because she's been with my other pair for months, and this excessive urination issue is sudden and recent. I have no idea what to think.

12-14-14, 04:24 pm
I don't buy the social issues cause. If it were me, I'd keep looking for something medical.

12-14-14, 04:42 pm
Hopefully the blood work will give us something conclusive.

12-17-14, 10:26 pm
Update: all blood work is normal. He said to keep a close eye on her and if she is still having this issue in a couple weeks, he'll want to repeat the x-rays. It has gotten a little better, she is not as wet at she was. But, still a little wet. So..... I'm officially stumped!! (????)

12-17-14, 10:33 pm
You might try giving her some barley water. Most pigs like it, and it will soothe the intestinal tract. If there's some irritation that's causing the problem, that might help, and certainly won't hurt.

12-17-14, 10:50 pm
Ok, awesome, will definitely try that! Do you have a link to the right kind? I googled it, but it looks like a lot of the commercially prepared versions have honey/sugar. Or, can I make it? How much do I give her?

Guinealynx said to try unsweetened cranberry juice for UTI. Apparently she doesn't have a UTI, but would this be worth a shot too? Willing to try anything to help her feel 100%!

12-17-14, 11:11 pm
No, that's outdated information on GL, and cranberry juice won'd do anything for her. It's recommended, but hasn't been proved to be effective, for human use to acidify the urine and make it less hospitable to bacteria. But human urine is naturally acidic, and guinea pig urine is basic (all herbivore urine is basic). So it would take a metric ton of cranberries to acidify GP urine, if it can even be done at all, and I doubt that it can. And nothing would react the same way, because things behave differently in acidic vs. basic solutions.

Just put a cup of barley in a couple of cups of water and cook it for half an hour or so. Strain it, and give the liquid to the pig. My pigs like it, and will willingly drink it from a syringe, but you might have to flavor it with something they like to get them to try it.