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12-10-14, 12:46 pm
Hello! I will be picking out my first two piggies this weekend! I will be getting an all ready established pair. Was wondering what differences there are between males and females? Which do you prefer? Thank you!

12-10-14, 02:00 pm


Smell a bit less, usually

Smell a bit more, due to marking

Tend to be more skittish

Tend to be more lovey-dovey

Are more accepting of new members

More dominance establishment issues

12-10-14, 02:01 pm
Personally, I love both equally.
Note: The chart above is not one-size-fits-all. Every pig's different!

12-10-14, 02:40 pm
It doesn't really matter. The differences are pretty small. You will have friendlier females, more skittish males, and the reverse pretty much just as often as each other. I have not noticed any increased smell with several males. As long as you keep the cage clean I don't think it's worth mentioning as a difference. It is more difficult to add males to an existing group than it is to add females. If you don't plan on getting any other pigs and you're getting more than 1 male already living together it isn't a big deal either. If the males are very young sometimes they don't get along after they mature where it doesn't happen often with females.

12-10-14, 02:53 pm
I have 2 boys and 4 girls. My piggies are all very friendly. The only issue I have with one of my boys is that he gets very dirty in his private area so I clean him daily other than that no issues with either sex. He is such a love and is always giving kisses!!

12-10-14, 07:30 pm
Thank you. The males are brothers and get along, but still young. About 4 months. I do worry that they won't be compatible later...

12-11-14, 12:16 am
Hi there and welcome to the forum! I have a male female pair (both neutered/spayed) and I love them both. Neither one smells, the male is more of a cuddle bug but I've had him longer, he was a lone pig for a while, and he's older.

12-11-14, 12:24 am
I've had five males and one female over my life. My female was one of the cuddliest, most loving pigs I have had. I don't think you can generalize personality based on sex at all.

12-11-14, 08:39 pm
Female guinea pigs:
-Makes loud noises
-Friendly and loving
-Poop doesn't stink
-Has a cycle but they do not have periods
-Can get pregnant
-Usually poops/pees in the corner

Male guinea pigs (from what I heard from):
-Can get a bit rough
-Still loving
-Poop may stink
-Are likely to fight
-Can be quiet but still makes loud noises

12-11-14, 08:57 pm
Actually, Piggy188, any pig of either sex can do any of those things except that males can't get pregnant.

12-12-14, 12:10 am
Well, I find males to be more cuddly and friendly while females are naturally aloof. However it depends upon the individual Guinea pig though. Females do smell less. Both suffer from an equal number of health problems at old age. Males require constant cleaning of the anal sac when they are impacted (happens a lot in older boars). While I've heard that older sows should be spayed in order to prevent ovarian cysts. Not all males fight. Brothers brought up together since birth may get along very well. I've also noticed several sows that fight and have had to be separated because they get too vicious. Males tend to be louder than females and tend to pee and poop wherever they run(again depends on the individual pig). However I've also noticed sows spray urine on the cage walls (and unfortunately outside the cage too) so I wouldn't call them particularly cleaner than males. Poop is poop, so as far as I've noticed males and females poop the same. Apart from the size of the poop there's nothing much that's different. All male guinea pigs I've known have been very friendly and outgoing while some females have been the same too. In short, look for a Pig that's seems interested in playing and has bright eyes and isn't looking very lazy.

12-14-14, 01:00 pm
Its mostly a show of dominance and its also the piggies pirsonaliy, hopefully after a while they will get over it