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07-17-01, 09:19 pm
I was Wondering how to guinea pig proof a room.
Since I have not been able to build the large cage for
him in my room, I have started to let him out to run
around in it for exercise when my dad is not around.
My delema is that I caught trying to chew the wires
from the telephone and the lamps and my fear is that
he will electrocute himself one day. Please help! He
just loves running around my bed(no bed frame just
mattress) and he will squeal with joy and his back
legs actually go flying behind him high as if he is
bucking like a horse. He also looks like bullwinkle
except with longer hair. Thank you for your help.
Claudia Prado

07-17-01, 10:49 pm
Hi Claudia,

Depending on how long you want to let him run around, you can cable tie together some creative cubes to create a pen that you can accordian fold out of the way when you don't want to use it. I just throw an old sheet down and the grids as appropriate. The sheet is good for a couple of hours over my carpet without "seepage."

You definitely can't let the piggie near wires if he is a chewer. There are stories of pigs being electrocuted. There are also stories of pigs eating the telephone cord, and while it didn't electrocute them, it ripped up their insides. So, piggie proofing is very important.

I'm sure some others will have some ideas as well.

07-18-01, 12:26 am
Making an area safe for a guinea pig is similar to making the area safe for a baby or, in my case, rabbits and guinea pigs. I think the easiest solution is making a pen to keep the guinea pigs safely contained and out of harms way. A pen made of grid-cube grids or organizational shelving has proven to be quite poplular with guinea-pig caretakers. Placing the pen on top of a plastic tablecloth or shower curtain that has been covered by a sheet makes for a safe and roomy playground. If one chooses not to use a pen-type playground, then making the area safe for the guinea pig is a must. In the case of my rabbits, I have all of my electrical cords covered. I have used spiral wrap, split-loom tubing, and hard-plastic tubing to cover the various cords. The outlets are covered with outlet covers that can be found in the baby-proofing section of hardware stores. Also, anything that I don't want nibbled on is removed or placed out of the reach of inquistive-nibbling teeth. Be aware that if you are not using the pen and plastic/sheet setup, then you will most likely will have droppings and urine around the play area. Keeping this in mind, you'd want to remove any rugs or similar items that you don't want to be potentially damaged or ruined by droppings and urine. It may seems like a lot of work to make an play area safe for a guinea pig but it is well worth it ... the guinea pigs will be safe from potential harm and the area (your home) will be safe from potential damage. Freedom from worry about safety and damage concerns will give one lots of time to enjoy the guinea pigs!

04-30-04, 04:30 pm
I have dealt with this issue also.

1. When GP is out on the floor, simply take all floor lamp or other possible electronics to higher ground. Since it is only for a short period of time, you should miss 'em.

2. (3M) or other local office supply manufactures make those little plastic sticky back hooks that you can take on and off your walls. You can apply these about 15-20 (or higher) from the ground and string hanging cords on them.

3. Sometimes those sticky things might take a bit of paper off the wall. I'll be honest. :0) The same method can be done with a clothing hanger. String your wires through the hanger and just hang it on the highest reachable place.

Hope this helped,