View Full Version : Operation build cage...in progress...

12-08-14, 03:59 pm
So I went around town searching for all the materials I would need to build a c&c cage. Multiple stores later I found everything I wanted. I just started today and can only work on it while no one else is home. I found the coroplast at Lowe's. They only had it in 30 x 36 sheets so I had to put it together in pieces. The walls are 6" high. Is that high enough? My plan is to have a dedicated hay area and obviously the kitchen area as well. It's a work in progress but I'm open to suggestions. As i was looking at it a minute ago Ive decided to make an L shape on the second tier for more room. So that part will be a bit different. If the picture doesn't work let me know.

12-09-14, 10:41 am
Great suggestions! I too thought the top level needed more room. At first I was going to make it an L shape but I liked the 2 X 2 better. I ran out of coroplast so have to go get more then finish the top part. I also need to get the material to build the ladder. Otherwise it's coming along nicely.