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12-08-14, 03:59 pm
So I went around town searching for all the materials I would need to build a c&c cage. Multiple stores later I found everything I wanted. I just started today and can only work on it while no one else is home. I found the coroplast at Lowe's. They only had it in 30 x 36 sheets so I had to put it together in pieces. The walls are 6" high. Is that high enough? My plan is to have a dedicated hay area and obviously the kitchen area as well. It's a work in progress but I'm open to suggestions. As i was looking at it a minute ago Ive decided to make an L shape on the second tier for more room. So that part will be a bit different. If the picture doesn't work let me know.

12-09-14, 09:35 am
You're on the right track, but you really should consider making the loft a 2x2 if you have more than one cavy. For some reason they always seem to want to go to the loft at the same time.......or at least mine do. There just isn't enough room in a 1x2 loft for two cavies to move around each other.

I have a 2x5 with a 2x2 offset loft. In the loft is a litter box, hay rack, pellet dish, water bottle, and a cardboard hidey. It's like their penthouse apartment and they have space to get away from each other if so desired. I suggest a cage much like this diagram:


If your cage construction is very sturdy, you won't need the angled grid (that you see in the diagram) for support. By having the loft offset and one grid's width as an overhang, you still have easy access to the cage under the loft area for cleaning.

Insofar as a ramp is concerned, you will see many examples of homemade ramps in the gallery. I suggest that you purchase one from the parent site of this forum (guinea pig cages store) or if you are particularly handy, make your own. I posted instructions for making a coroplast ramp here:


12-09-14, 10:41 am
Great suggestions! I too thought the top level needed more room. At first I was going to make it an L shape but I liked the 2 X 2 better. I ran out of coroplast so have to go get more then finish the top part. I also need to get the material to build the ladder. Otherwise it's coming along nicely.

12-09-14, 10:44 am
If you'd like, I can post pics of my cage. When I have time, I'll look through my older posts to see if they are already available.