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12-08-14, 10:59 am
So, I have two 7 month olds and one 3 month old, all boys, but all of them except one hate being held, none of them are trained and everytime I go near the cage at all, they bolt. When I first got the 2 older boys, I gave them heaps of cuddles and put my hand in the cage for scent training, and nothing. Then I got the baby (cinnamon), all went to hell as the placid one (Choc-chip) suddenly became alpha male and the one that did like cuddles (butterscotch) became a target of 2-on-1 fighting. I followed all the 'rules' of introduction and even bathed them together to unite them since but nothing successful. Now butterscotch is blind (reason unknown) and the fighting and picking on is worse. I get so jealous of everyone who can dress up their babies, and play with them and hand feed when I spend all day trying to break up fights. I have tried separating them, but they chew the bars trying to get out or cry all night. They've stopped popcorning and dont even where at me, although being at home all day, they get fed hay and top ups regularly. What can I do to make them love me :-(

12-08-14, 11:14 am
Did you quarantine the new pig before you introduced them to the original pigs? One thing that can cause pigs to dislike being handled is if it hurts them to be touched which can be caused by something like mites, lice, scurvy or fungus infections etc. if you can check to see if they have any missing patches of hair and for other symptoms of parasites, infections or scurvy then that would help rule that out:


If that is not it, it could simply be that the pigs just can't get along and they hate being around each other. I've never had behavioral issues to that extend but I do know there's a wealth of information on these forums from people who had similar problems so it might be worth doing a forum search and/or to wait and see if someone else here can give some tips regarding mismatches. And I assume you've already read this:


12-08-14, 11:21 am
You've got three boys in puberty, so things aren't likely to calm down for quite a while. And you've learned the hard way that three boars is not an optimum number of pigs to have. Some folks make it work, but it's highly dependent on the personality of the boars. I wouldn't recommend to anyone that has a pair that gets along to add a third to the mix.

You shouldn't have to separate fights. If they're fighting to the extent that blood is drawn (not just a nip, but actual bleeding), then they need to be separated permanently. Otherwise, just let them work it out. They have to figure out who's the dominant pig, and then they live with that.

How large is your cage? Lack of space has a lot to do with how well boars get along (or don't get along, as the case may be). Click on the Main tab at the top of this page for recommended cage sizes. Also take out any hideys that have only one door, and open up any areas where one pig can trap another. Fleece forests and fleece draped across the corners of the cage make good hideys while boars are in full hump mode.

Also, take them out, one at a time, put them on your lap, and hand feed them treats (veggies and occasional fruit, not purchased treats). When you've done this for a week or so, continue it, but also offer them treats at the side of the cage. The way to a guinea pig's heart is through its stomach, and that's the ONLY road there.

12-08-14, 07:30 pm
Yes, I quarantined the new baby when I first got him, then I cleaned the cage and piggloos etc before introducing on neutral territory. I don't seperate during the fight, until I hear squealing then I clap my hands to stop further damage. The cage *should* be large enough. I'm more worried that butterscotch is just napping in the corner, that's when the others decide to attack, it's horrible.

12-08-14, 07:40 pm
I think it's the lack of space that is causing you problems. You have a 2x4, which is recommended for a pair of females. A 2x5 is recommended for a pair of males, and you actually have 3... Personally, I'd go no less than a 2x6, maybe even bigger for a trio of boars who aren't getting along very well.

12-08-14, 11:26 pm
Oh wow, and to think up until last month they were in a pet store cage, I thought I was doing well. This is the only size with precut coroplast that I could get in Oz

12-11-14, 12:13 am
Hello and welcome to the forum!

12-11-14, 08:23 am
I think it's the lack of space that is causing you problems. You have a 2x4, which is recommended for a pair of females. A 2x5 is recommended for a pair of males, and you actually have 3... Personally, I'd go no less than a 2x6, maybe even bigger for a trio of boars who aren't getting along very well.

Hi, welcome to the forum! Also, for three pigs you should have more than 2 hideys, even if one is big enough to hold several pigs. You could make a fleece forest so you don't use up any more floor space, or drape a towel over a corner.

12-11-14, 10:35 am
Hi! Thanks everyone

12-11-14, 10:44 am
Hi and welcome! If you are concerned about pre-cut coroplast, I would suggest getting another pre-cut size and adding to your current cage. Is there only a 2x4 size? If there is a 2x2 you could add it and make it a 2x6. You can use a box cutter or something else that cuts coroplast and make one side shorter on both pieces so the pigs can get through to the other side. Add more places to hide and spread the food out, so it will be easier for the little one to get food and not get bullied on.

12-11-14, 01:10 pm
It's the blind and my original piggie that gets bullied, not the baby. They all get enough food, I watch and make sure. It's more the bullying during nap time that's the issue. Blind piggie also never, ever uses a hidey. I did have 3 in there, but he prefers lying in a corner and even when chased, he never dives in one. So I took one out to make more room.

12-16-14, 04:46 am
Update: had to isolate butterscotch, I found roughly 10 bite marks on his butt :-( poor little bubby, they must of been attacking at night and I couldn't stop it. Now they are either kissing through the cage bars or trying to get at each other, as I have the cages side by side. But so far, no crying or chattering has occurred.

12-16-14, 07:10 am
Clean the wounds and keep an eye on them because a wound can form an abscess which is difficult to treat.

12-20-14, 06:39 am
So, my separated piggie is trying to bite his way back to the other cage (they are side by side) so I put him back into the main pen and in under one minute rumblestrutting, chasing and yawning occurred, so he went back into his own. Still trying to get at each other through the bars. I'm guessing he's lonely and wants his brothers but they're still not friendly.