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12-07-14, 10:41 pm
My baby Reese is about eight months old now and recently he's been shedding way more (when I got him at 3 months he didn't shed at all) and has dandruff. He scratches a bit but I'm thinking it's from the dry air. Does anybody know if it's probably something that needs to be seen by a vet or just try a humidifier? My last piggie that passed away before I got Reese shed like there was no tomorrow so I don't know if he's shedding his baby fur or has to see the vet or what.. Thanks!

12-07-14, 11:06 pm
It sounds like he might have mites, or possibly a fungal infection. I would start out by treating for mites and if that doesn't work then look into fungal (certainly don't give him a bath him until you are sure it isn't mites as that makes the issue worse as it irritates the mites causing them to bite more).


You can treat for mites yourself at home, you will just need a 1ml syringe, a set of scales to weigh him (which you should be doing anyway as the first sign of most illnesses is weight loss) and ivermectin. It is important to note ivermectin comes in multiple different concentrations, the easiest and safest concentration to use is the 0.5% solution which will read on the bottle as 5mg/ml. Here is a link to the type you want http://www.amazon.com/Ivermectin-Pour-On-Cattle-250-mL/dp/B00JAL3AAW

Yes that bottle linked contains a heap more ivermectin then you will ever need, but it is not that expensive. When I ordered ivermectin to treat my pigs I filled up a small glass bottle (which will still be way more then enough to last me for the shelf life of the product) with the ivermectin and donated the rest to a local guinea pig rescue.

If you do get that concentration here is a chart to follow for the dosage amounts, don't be too concerned if you can't measure the exact amount as that concentation gives you the most room for error http://www.guinealynx.info/topical_ivermectin_pour-on.html

12-08-14, 04:20 am
What breed is your guinea pig? Teddies often have skin problems due to their coarse, dense fur that restricts air circulation to the skin. Use a fine tooth comb to regularly comb near the skin, being careful not to scratch too hard. I've had a few teddies that have had crusty skin that wasn't fungal or mites. I've used Malaseb shampoo to shampoo the area, let sit for 10 minutes and rinse well. This is how the manufacturer describes Malaseb: "Malaseb Shampoo is a unique combination of antibacterial and antifungal agents with coat conditioners. It is formulated to help with dandruff, ringworms, yeast, and other bacterial infections." You kind of cover all bases with this shampoo. It's cleared up the skin of the guinea pigs I've had with the crusty skin. Both of my vets recommend it for guinea pigs.

12-08-14, 07:02 am
I'm not completely sure what breed he is... Here's a pic if it helps 7089670899

12-08-14, 07:20 am
Your guinea pig is an abyssinian.

I forgot to mention that when using ivermectin you need to treat three times, with a week between each treatment (pour-on ivermectin is best applied behind the ears on the naturally bald patches). If after the three weeks/treatments his dandruff hasn't improved then try some Malaseb shampoo like pinky recommended (I have also used this shampoo with much success on a guinea pig with a fungal infection).