View Full Version : Conditions What body parts/conditions don't require an exotic vet to treat?

12-06-14, 06:25 pm
So I'm thinking here that thankfully Mooshy hasn't needed emergency care since spring of 2013. Her gp savvy vet is 45 minutes away if there is no traffic. Is there anything that we can comfortably go to a vet nearby for? Or could anything require more knowledge that may be missed with the average vet and so always take the trek to a good exotic gp vet?

Nail trims is the only thing I can think of right now if you don't know how to do it but anything else?

12-06-14, 06:35 pm
I suppose it depends on if your local vet is willing to trust and work with your knowledge. If you need a specific medication and know what you need then any vet would work that's willing to write that prescription.

12-06-14, 06:49 pm
Eye injuries, for sure. For anything else, such as minor skin injuries, I'd be sure to take along the forbidden antibiotics list from GL. But truth be told, there's not much I'd trust a regular vet with other than eyes.