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12-05-14, 10:41 am
Hi, I am a new member. I have two guinea pig girls named Pip and Lily. Pip was a rescue. My brother found her in a shed outside. It was 90 degrees and she had no food and no water. After reading about guinea pigs online I discovered they do better with a cage mate. I looked for another piggie to rescue but there were none in my area. I purchased Lily from a pet store and just recently found out she's pregnant. I never thought I wanted a guinea pig but have completely fallen in love with my two piggies.

12-05-14, 12:42 pm
Hi, my name is Michele and welcome to the forum. There is a TON of extremely valuable information on this forum and if you can't find your answer, you can always ask questions. TONS of extremely knowledgeable people here that are more than willing to answer your questions, if they can that is. But the absolute most important thing is this - WE MUST SEE PIGTURES!!! Ok, it's not mandatory, but we really love seeing pigtures of everyone's piggies. I don't have any yet, trying to learn all I can beforehand. lol

12-05-14, 01:38 pm
70851This is Pip.

12-05-14, 01:41 pm
Welcome to the forum!

It was VERY considerate of you to take in Pip. If you have any questions on pregnancy, you can post them on the pregnancy forum. Pigtures would be great! When possible, of course.

12-05-14, 01:42 pm
70852This is Lily, the nana to be.

12-05-14, 01:43 pm
Hello and welcome to the forum! Pip and Lily are adorable!

12-05-14, 02:15 pm
Thank you��

12-05-14, 03:13 pm
Welcome :D Adorable piggies :o

12-05-14, 07:35 pm
Welcome to the family!!

12-06-14, 01:28 am
Welcome [emoji4] [emoji4] [emoji4]